April 3, 2016

The wait is over!

The wait is over! After 7½ weeks, I have my sewing machine back from the technician! Thankfully, unlike the last two years, it even seems to be working well and I haven't found any reason to have to take it back yet! Happy!

I have had two days to play with the Bernina so have started on my pile of prepared bits and pieces. I pieced a patchwork cushion top which is now ready to be assembled:

Its twin sister has had machine blanket-stitch worked around the appliques: 

I've begun work on the straight-line quilting on a lap quilt:

Wouldn't you know it, I have a busy week coming up, so I guess I won't get too much done, but that's OK as it's comforting just to have my machine back in its cabinet, so I'm still smiling!

Not all has been lost over the last two months, as I have used the time to expand my stitching armoury. I have always loved working with felt but in the past have mostly used stranded thread for the stitching embellishments. Lately I have been experimenting with Perle threads and have fallen in love with them again. 

 I have used them many times in the past for crochet and hardanger, but it's a new experience to have such wonderful texture with these lovely thick threads on felt. I think I'm hooked!

Here is one of my table runners that I haven't shown you. It's called Raspberry Sherbet and it was one of the first projects I designed in my EQ7 quilting software. It really is great seeing what a design is going to look like before you actually start cutting fabric:

It was recently published in Handmade magazine Vol 34 No 9.

April is our month for family. We had some here today and will have quite a few more next weekend for some special celebrations! Tell you more next time!



Barb said...

I misread your first sentence as 'after 7 1/2 years' LOL but I suppose it felt like to you. Some lovely stitches there Val.

gracie said...

Hip Hip Horray...you are up and running again. Love the projects!

Susan said...

Oh My Gosh - 7.5 weeks withot your machine...that is bad..
Love the look of the perle threads on the felt - about to try that in a workshop.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! The best part is that it's working this time. You've obviously taken advantage of that in the couple of days. I LOVE perle threads. 8 and 12 are my most commonly used threads. I do use floss, but not nearly as often, and mostly for backstitch embroidery. Your examples of all the things you've been working on, including the newly published design, are inspiring. Thanks for sharing them!

Garima said...