Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Pattern 5

The months are whizzing by and it's time to give you the next block in the
Free Block of the Month Wall quilt - Block 5

I've been thinking that it's rather difficult for us as individuals to do anything about world peace, but we sure can strive for peace within our small circle. What a blessing that can be!

The pattern is available for download in my Craftsy Store here.

Now it's time for apologies! I caused a bit of a flutter last week! I discovered that a mistake had slipped into in my address details on the bottom of my free You Are Blessed patterns.  Because I use the same template each month, I was perpetuating the mistake and because I'm a perfectionist, I thought I had better fix it in case someone actually used it to write to my street address! So I removed the offending number that had somehow popped in, and uploaded the patterns again to my Craftsy store.

What I didn't realise was that that little correction would have repercussions around the world and that Craftsy would advise everyone who had downloaded the first four You Are Blessed Blocks that I had changed the patterns!  So please ignore it if you received that advice, as nothing at all has changed with the pattern ... and I will try not to be such a perfectionist next time!

The Queensland Quilters' Picnic held in our local area last week was a wonderful event. It was very well organised and more than 600 ladies attended. There were lots of stalls and an amazing array of great products to see.  Here's what my little stall looked like:

My sweet daughter-in-law helped me on the stall and we had a happy day together. It was so lovely to meet up with lots of ladies who told me they had made my patterns or that they liked my designs. It was all very encouraging and affirming.

I had on display my Down at the Pond quilt: 

and if you are interested in making it, I have now put the pattern in my store here.

I saw my quilter (who quilted the project above) at the event and she told me she has almost finished quilting my Jinny Beyer quilt that I made in the free Craftsy class last year. That was enough incentive to finally open up my sewing machine again as I wanted to make two matching pillowcases. They didn't take long to make as I had done the pieced centre blocks earlier. 

Opening up my sewing machine signalled to me that life is resuming some sort of normality again! Two months without my sewing machine, golden wedding parties to organise, a week's holiday away and my stall to arrange seem to have filled up to the full the first four months of this year! Since finishing the pillowcases, I have cut out all the pieces to make a bag and have started work on the embroidery on another design. I'm back!!!



Bilko Parker said...

Thank you for the lovely pattern. Guida

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new block. I love the words. If we all worked for peace in our own circles, the world would be a peaceful place!

Carla Fiedler said...

Thanks for the pattern! This is going to be a very pretty quilt! Glad to hear your sewing schedule is getting back to some form of normal.

Createology said...

Thank you sew very much for this peaceful butterfly stitching design. Butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 happinesses.