PASS mark

I'll be teaching the Hollyhock Cottage needlecase at the Creative Craft Retreat next month and participants are invited to have a pop-up stall to sell craft items, patterns etc there.

When I looked at my crate of 'bits and pieces', it was looking a bit like Old Mother Hubbard so it was obviously time to think about making a few things. It's no use having a stall if there is nothing to sell!!!

The first thing to do was to look in the PASS (Projects At A Stand  Still) drawer. It was an effort to open it as it was so full! I found some half completed hardanger accessories and it really took very little time to complete them. A scissor-keep:

and a tape-measure cover:

Why had they languished in the drawer for so many years???  I really can't understand why I didn't finish them when they were so close to completion. I found yet another almost complete project in the drawer so I plan to try to tackle this one soon.

Then it was on to some more embellished hand towels:

They can be completed in just a couple of hours and I am so happy with the way they turned out:

Toadstool in a different colourway:

Hand towels lend themselves to fusible web applique:

 and Broderie Perse:

It's school holidays this week so I'll be spending time with two of our grandsons but I'm still hopeful of getting at least one more PASS finished! Then I reckon I'll definitely reach the PASS Mark!

Happy stitching!


Mouse said...

love your wee hardanger accessories and your toadstool hand towel .. I too must get a finishing head on I have loads of to do's ... love mouse xxxx

margaret said...

If only I was not at the other side of the world I would have loved to come. Some great makes especually loving the hardanger as it is my favourite technique

Wendy B said...

I love that you have a PASS drawer drawer is jammed shut I think....must take a leaf out of your book and prise it open and get stuck in too! You're right.....All beautiful treasures that we wonder why it took so long to finish them!
xox sugary hugs :o)

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing what comes out of your PASS drawer! That class looks like fun, and I'd take it if I were there.

CdeBaca Crafts Gallery said...

Nice work!