A White Christmas

Here in sub-tropical Queensland, the last thing we would ever dream of seeing is a White Christmas! We will no doubt be sweltering in the heat and humidity of our Summer season. I love it and I don't ever wish for cold, bleak weather with snow!!!

However, I like to have my unrealistic dreams and I love the traditional look of the celebrations of the northern hemisphere. When I was designing some new ornaments, I couldn't help but place them on a white background and call them "White Christmas"!

I did go a bit non-traditional and chose to use shades of lavender.

I enjoyed using different stitches to enhance these. 

A few beads and a bell for the embellishments...

Can't beat the hexagon for shape!

I have placed the pattern for these in my Craftsy Store here. 
All three patterns are included for just US $7.50

I have finished my Quilt-As-You-Go Dresden plate quilt, but I am afraid I can't show you it yet!!! I was very happy with the result and enjoyed trying a few new techniques. I will certainly be using these methods again.

Last week I showed you my lovely Cactus. This week quite a few of its offspring flowered and it really did look quite sweet.

Watch out for another free Christmas ornament next week on my blog.

Happy stitching.


  1. Lovely as always! we also dont have a white Christmas here in South Africa and I just love Christmas colors too.

  2. Your white Christmas ornies are lovely.
    I live where we always have snow for Christmas but it's never bleak - here, a Christmas without snow would be bleak. :)

  3. I cannot imagine your Christmas with hot weather. However, I did enjoy a nice warm Palm Springs Christmas a few years ago. Lovely blooming cactus. Your "White Christmas" ornaments are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Such cuties for Christmas... xox

  5. Those are great ornaments! I love the purple you used. The cactus makes me so homesick! I love when they bloom. I don't think my Christmas cactus is blooming at Christmas this year. =)


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