Coins in the Jelly and other treats

I've been a bit slack lately in putting some new patterns in my Craftsy Store, but I've remedied that and you can now find "Coins in the Jelly" Quilt here

I'm happy that it is proving very popular. 

This project is ideal for Jelly Roll strips and is very quick to make.

I did simple walking-foot quilting on it:

I've also uploaded Belinda Bilby's Birthday stitchery which you can find here.

I'm rather fond of this sweet project with lots of pretty stitching.


I've framed mine, but it could be made into a wall hanging or a cushion or a book cover or anything your imagination can bring up.

Meanwhile, I'm steadily progressing on my pool-table quilt. I'm up to the appliqued borders - heaps of work but I think they are going to look good!

Pears are cheap at the moment, so out came the preserving pan and two or three hours later I have eight bottles ready for later in the year. It does take some effort to prepare everything, but it is worth it down the track when the fruit is no longer in season. We use our preserves on our breakfast cereal. Combine that with Greek Yoghurt and it is fit for royalty!

The India/Australia Cricket is on, so it's a good time to sit near the TV and prepare some more appliques!



  1. Such lovely work as usual, Val. I love the colours of the quilt. I am not a quilter otherwise I would be tempted to make one like that :-)

  2. I normally do not like the more modern fabrics, but this quilt is very striking and pretty! Excellent job and such a cute easy pattern to make for a gift!

  3. I really like this quilt. It looks easy and can be made up as a quick gift. The flowers give it a little elegance.

  4. Love the quilt! I have a couple of jelly rolls collecting dust, so I'm going to have to consider this pattern.

  5. I can see why Coins in the Jelly is so popular! What a nice look that has, something a little different. The stitchery is darling, too. I always love seeing what you are canning. Those jars look perfectly lovely. How can you bear to open one?

  6. Love your "coins" quilt and your embroidery. Embroidery is my first love as well. Bottling pears is interesting...must look it up.


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