April 30, 2017

Roses are Blue

I'm always thrilled to be offered fabric to make my projects!!! Handmade magazine gave me some of the lovely Indigo Essence fabric range by RJR Fabric to design whatever I liked. I chose three of the fabrics - a blue tone-on-tone, a black background blue roses print and a khaki tone-on-tone.  I had in mind to make a bag and to use a set of handles that I had purchased on a whim and been waiting to use in just the right project.

I was very happy with the finished project and rather like the way the blue tone-on-tone fabric peeps out from the pleats. I used the khaki fabric for the lining.

There was plenty of fabric, so I made this pretty glasses case to match:

The project is in Handmade Vol 35 No 11 but unfortunately it wasn't printed correctly. The glasses case instructions were not included either, so the magazine has made the corrected pattern available on their website in their pattern library:   http://www.patchworkandcraft.com.au

Yesterday, hubby and I had a fun afternoon at an old-time movie matinee, complete with newsreels, cartoons, shorts and a classic Aussie film from the 1930's. We were even treated to an icecream during interval! It's a while since we laughed so loud and so long and it brought back lots of memories of childhood excursions to the cinema, watching comedies (in black and white of course!) Those excursions were very occasional so hold a special place in the memory and it was lovely to have them revived in such a delightful way.

My fruit quilt is steadily progressing:

The grapes were a bit fiddly but turned out OK:

Apples good enough to pick!:

Since this quilt is in the hand-stitching phase at the moment, and I like to do that in the evening, I have been thinking about a new project which will need machine work which I want to do in the daytime. There are a few designs running around in my head and I have started exploring them in my EQ7 software. It would be so much easier if my brain would just focus on one thing at a time!!!

Happy stitching!


Terry said...

Val, I love your fruit squares with the embroidery. Just so cute.

Little Penpen said...

The blue roses made a beautiful bag and eyeglasses case! Your appliqué work is beautiful! I like to hand sew at night too.

Nanna Chel said...

I know the feeling about concentrating on one thing at a time, Val. Perhaps it has something to do with getting older as I can't remember being so scatty when I was young :-) I remember going to the movies when we were growing up. There were always two movies shown with time for an ice cream during interval.

Natitxu said...

Me encanta tu bolso azul!!!

barb farsace said...

I would have loved to go to the show with you, sounds like tons of fun. You do beautiful work...

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, brain focus on one thing? You are funny, Val! =) Your purse and glasses case are very charming! I like the fabrics together, and it looks like a wonderful bag to carry any time. Your movie sounds fabulous! I'd love to do that - preferably with an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, and an episode of Buck Rogers before the main movie starts. That's a fabulous idea.