Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Block 6

It's hard to believe that nearly half the year has already gone! That means it's time to give you Block 6 of the Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt
Hand-picked Wardrobe.

So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you.  Put on kindness ....
Colossians 3:13

 When you finish this block, the quilt will be half finished!

 The block for this month includes a pinwheel:

The free pattern is in my Craftsy Store here.

I've been addicted to felt the last couple of weeks. I am teaching "Fun with Felt" at the Creative Craft Retreat later in the year, so have been having a wonderful time preparing samples.  

In the bird sample, there are eleven fun stitches which give it so much texture and dimension: Blanket stitch around the edge, Fly stitch on the outside of the bird, satin stitch eye, cast-on stitch around the wing, then chain on the inner wing, Palestrina knot around the tail and coral stitch on the inner tail, back stitch leaves, stem stitch vine, straight stitch feet. Then there are the whipped woven circles on the ends.

 It is so much fun watching the transformation of some lifeless felt into a 'work of art'. I like the folksy feel this sample has. It's a genre I've been exploring a bit more lately. Who knows where it might take me!

Happy stitching!


Kezzie said...

Hi Val

What a lovely block pattern.
Thanks for designing your patterns and for being a blessing to offer them for free. I appreciate what a blessing you are.


Kerrie said...

Hi Val

Thanks for the lovely block. You are a great designer and such a blessing to offer it for free.

Bless you


Bilko Parker said...

Thank you Val and the little bird is stunning.

Createology said...

Love this little wool bird who is so tweet. Thank you for always being so giving and generous with your wonderful designs. <3

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, shoes, my favorite thing in the clothing category. I was just thinking the other day that I need a new pair. To think of slipping into kindness like a comfortable pair of shoes is a delightful comparison. Thank you for the pattern and for the glimpse of your wool work. I like working with wool and have seemingly little time to add that in to the mix these days. Your bird is wonderful!