August 27, 2017

A Time to Plant

With the demise of four magazines that used to publish my craft work, it was time to look around to see what other publications might be interested in my projects. I didn't have far to look because right in my own State, "Down Under Quilts" is produced! I liked what I saw in their magazines, so decided to offer my "Time to Plant" quilt to them.

I was of course delighted that they wanted to publish it!

It's a display of seed packets, so with our Spring just a week away, it's a great time to think about what to plant!

I tried Tete-de-boeuf stitch for the eggplant.

I love the Campanula above, as it's three dimensional with the top flap of the bell a separate piece.

The quilt has lots of texture with Perle thread embroidery.

Palestrina Knot stitch has become my "GoTo" stitch for felt work.

The pumpkin is one of my favourites:

Have I told you how much I enjoy working with felt?????

Turnip isn't my favourite vegetable, but I love how this one looks with its rows of Palestrina:

The pattern is in Issue 180 of Down Under Quilts. 

I sent off two quilts to a different publisher this week and had to spend DAYS on all the instructions and patterns to get them ready. It sure didn't feel like a very productive week with so little stitching done! I have another commissioned quilt to make but it has a long deadline, so I put off starting that as I really felt the need to make some QUICK projects. 

I use pot stands (hot pads/trivets or whatever you like to call them) constantly when I'm cooking. I did have two very pretty melamine ones, but they were chipped, scratched and with bits broken off, so it was really time to send them off to the bin where they belonged. I had a light-bulb moment and remembered those bits and pieces of orphan blocks I had stashed away. 

It was very quick and simple to cut two layers of batting, sandwich a piece of Insulbright in between, then place the block and backing on the outside. 

 A quick quilting line or two, add some binding, and I now have half a dozen lovely pot stands ... and the great pleasure of using up some bits and pieces, and achieving a LOT in a very short time.

I've also made some very attractive ones to put on my Craft Stall at the Retreat at which I will be teaching, but there are more than enough photos in this post, so they can wait till next time!



Kate said...

Val, your 'time to plant' quilt is absolutely beautiful! Your stitching is awesome and you've used some stitches that I'm unfamiliar with which means I've learned something new. I really like your hot pads and this is such a great use of orphan blocks.

Little Penpen said...

What a beautiful quilt!! I just love the little seed packets; so much detail! Your little pot holders are perfect, too!

gracie said...

The new quilt pattern is wonderful. Great idea for the hot pads.

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt and can't wait to make some of the cute and simple pot stands.
Carol O.

Createology said...

Congratulations on your wonderful Seed Packets Quilt being published. Your work is always beautiful. Serene September...<3

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful seed quilt, I'm so glad you found a publication for it. That should be shared!
I like your pot things, too. What a great idea for using sample blocks we make. Very attractive in the kitchen, too.

Gina E. said...

Good to hear your designs will be published in a hard copy magazine again! I really miss those magazines they stopped publishing; they were my favourites, and none of the current mags appeal to me as much. I haven't even seen "Handmade" for a while now - is that still in print?