October 1, 2017

Enjoying the little things

I have really been enjoying the little things of life lately!
... little things I have made like more Pincushions:


Prettying-up hand towels:



Enjoying beautiful lilies - a gift from a sweet friend:

Last week we spent five days interstate when my hubby was giving a paper at a Conference. Our lovely son took some days off work to pick us up from the airport and ferry us around for the time we were there. There is nothing like precious time with family to cheer the heart! We were able to catch up with three grandchildren, then another grand-daughter came and spent a couple of hours with us in our hotel, then another grandson took us out to dinner and introduced us to his girlfriend. 

We had a 'mother and son' evening out at the football (Rugby league semi-final):

and spent a morning wandering around Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne doing some geocaching:

There were so many little moments to enjoy - I came home feeling absolutely blessed!

May you too find blessings in the little things.


Createology said...

Enjoying the little things in life are so very important. Sometimes the little things are what give us the most pleasure. I was enjoying the Harvest Full Moon the past few nights. Your pincushions and needle keeps and needle books are lovely. How fun to go geocaching amongst the flora and fauna. Falling into Autumn Bliss...Spring for you?

Anonymous said...

Lovely things you've made. I really like the stitch on the edge of the tree on the first one. I'm going to have to try that. Even better with your family time. Thanks for sharing that with us.