Getting into the Christmas groove

For quite a few years, I didn't make Christmas projects, the main reason being that we were always away visiting family at that time. They were our annual holidays so we were usually away for four or five weeks. We left home in early December so there was absolutely no point in decorating the house, with no-one there to enjoy it.

In the last few years, our circumstances have changed and now every second year, our family comes to visit us. So there is every reason now for me to get into the Christmas groove! 

I have enjoyed making some lovely Christmas projects, and my latest one is a pretty cushion which I have called "Peace and Joy". 

I have put the pattern in my Craftsy Store and you can buy it here
It also recently appeared in the Handmade magazine (and graced the cover!), Vol 36 No 5.

I have just completed a sweet quilt for a magazine and have spent a few waking hours in the middle of the night thinking about another commissioned quilt I have to prepare! I'm not concerned at all about it, it just requires lots of thought about how I will tackle the complex elements in it. It would be OK if there was just one way to do it, but I am trying to determine out of the three or four methods that I could try, which one will give the best results without taking an inordinate amount of time and without causing insanity through frustration and difficulty - both for me and the quilting public who hopefully will make it!

Meanwhile this week I need to prepare for my last Craft Stall for the year. It's an unknown quantity for me as it is a Community Car-boot stall run by the Lions Club, Australia's largest Community Service organisation. I have never had a stall there before and I'm hoping the 5.40 am start will be worth it!!!

May you know many blessings as you too think about Christmas!


Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Block 11

It's almost the end of the year ... and we're up to the second last block in the free Block of the Month design, 
Hand-picked Wardrobe.

What a great character to put on - forgiveness! - so hard to do and so rewarding when it happens. Holding a grudge does nothing but eat away at the person who holds it! 

Be ready to forgive; never hold grudges. Remember,
the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.
Colossians 3:13 TLB

A skirt to go with the top from last month!:

Just one more pattern next month to complete the wall hanging! You will be able to download this month's block over in my Craftsy store here. Remember that all the blocks will be available until 31st December this year.

I had a great time teaching at the Creative Craft Retreat a couple of weekends ago. My ladies were all very enthusiastic about their Fun with Felt project.

Even better than spending time with lots of lovely ladies, was spending a week with my daughter who went to the retreat with me and then stayed on with us for a few days more!

She brought some embroidered blocks with her and the rest of the fabric needed to make them into a quilt, and she was happy to have "one on one" lessons on how to put a quilt together. It was almost complete before she left and since arriving home, she can proudly say she has made her first quilt! It's a modified Gail Pan pattern. Don't you think Janelle has done a lovely job?:

Image may contain: indoor

My stall at the Retreat went very well and it was lovely to have affirmation and be encouraged about my designs. 

What I hadn't expected was that I almost sold out of everything so had very little left for my next stall. (Note to self: Next time keep things aside for stall number 2!)

That put me in panic mode so I shut myself in my sewing room for 10 days to build up some stock again! You can see scattered through this post some of the towels I prettied up and a needle-case. 

I was so eager to get things made and ticketed ready for the second stall at a local quilt show yesterday, that of course I forgot to take photos of the rest of the things I managed to complete! Once again, it was great to meet ladies who have made my patterns from a magazine, or follow me on Facebook, or who have been in one of my local classes. A few ladies told me they can always pick something I have made, so I must have a certain style!!!

Now it's time for me to start work on two quilts that have been commissioned. One I should be able to complete in the next month, but the second one will probably take me a few months to complete. This quilting fun sure keeps me off the streets!

Happy stitching!