May 27, 2018

The Clean-Out that didn't happen ... equals lots of bargains!

I made the Midnight in the Garden quilt some time ago and decided it was time to put the pattern in my Craftsy Store. The beautiful Dresden Plate blocks in this quilt have a flower-like beauty, enhanced by the black background.

This quilt is made using the Quilt-As-You-Go method which I find so easy to construct.

Midnight in the Garden is not a large quilt - just 123cm (48½in) square. In fact, I use it as a tablecloth. I love the solid feel of a quilt with batting on the table. It always sits perfectly in place, rather than having a flimsy tablecloth doing all the wrong things, especially in a breeze.

The pattern for Midnight in the Garden can be purchased here.

Now, whatever does that have to do with my blog title?
Well, when I went to my Craftsy Store, I had the thought that there are patterns that have been there for quite a while and it is probably time to take them down and have a big clean-out.


when I started deciding what to remove, I fell in love all over again with the designs.

I realised that just because something was designed a couple of years ago doesn't mean its life is finished. 

What I decided to do instead of a clean-out was to reduce the price of many of my designs.

I have reduced some patterns by 50% and many by 25%. There are now lots of patterns for just US$5.00

So now is the time to grab a bargain!

In some ways, I guess I had a clean-out before I put designs in my store. I counted up 30 or 40 projects that I have had published but they didn't make the cut when it came to filling my store with designs of which I am proud. So my 200 plus projects remain there and I hope you enjoy browsing and maybe finding a bargain!

Happy stitching!

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