April 28, 2019

The best way to spend a birthday month

April is my birthday month, but at my age I don't make much of having a birthday! However, over the years, various members of the family have made sure it is a special time for me.

Once again this year, our younger daughter and her family were able to be with us, on and off for a week. To add to the delight, her in-laws also came to visit, plus her sister-in-law and family. We were all able to meet up and have a meal out together. It wasn't to celebrate my birthday, but it was just two days before the date, so was very much part of the joy of my special month. 

Hubby and I managed to squeeze in a restaurant meal together between all the comings and goings. A day or two later, our daughter-in-law and two grandsons came to visit. A meal together was followed by lots of games of "Sequence". Then on the weekend our younger son and his family joined us all for my birthday tea. Our 18 year-old grandson cooked the main course and 13 year-old granddaughter baked the cheesecakes. It was delicious and a wonderful effort, considering there were 14 of us to cook for! 

Next it was Easter. Our family had returned home by this, so it was a quiet weekend, but the Church services we attended were wonderful and very moving, and spending time there with our friends was nearly as good as having family around!

Then this past week we had a visit from some very good friends of ours. We have known them for 40 years and they are the type of people that you just pick up where you left off last time you saw them, as if it was just yesterday - special friends indeed!

So for someone who doesn't want to bother too much about special days, you can see that I have well and truly celebrated my birthday month!

And talking of birthdays and parties, I am now selling the pattern for my Tea Party Wall Quilt. It features the gorgeous Tilda Sunkiss range of fabric.

You can see some of the blocks scattered around this blog post. The quilt is hanging in our entrance and I love seeing it every time I walk past ... and I have received some nice comments about it.

The pattern is in my shop on the Quilt page here. 

If you are thinking it doesn't quite look what you expect Tilda Sunkiss to look like, it's because I am not an orange fan. Tilda calls it 'Ginger', but to me it is bright orange. I chose not to use that colour fabric and also left out some of the lime. What remained were colours and fabrics that suit my taste and that I therefore found pleasure in using.

I didn't waste the Ginger and Lime, but used it in my "Kiss of the Sun" wall quilt. 

Funny thing is, I really like that quilt too - just wouldn't put it on my walls!

Hope you have had a great month too!



Nanna Chel said...

I love the fabrics you have used, Val. Years ago I was an orange fan but not so much these days.It must have been lovely having your family visit recently. I wish my daughter wasn't so far away.,

Little Penpen said...

Happy Birthday month to you!!

barbara woods bewtjw@gmail.com said...

late happy birthday