July 25, 2021

When life gives you lemons ...

This year my lemon tree has produced its best crop in its short life. It is great to be able to go and pick a lemon whenever I want one. What hasn't been great in life is the fact that I haven 't been able to go and visit hubby whenever I wanted to! The Covid lockdown was extended for another week, so it meant 24 days without being able to enter the Aged Care facility.

With the devastating news of the extended lockdown came a complete lack of motivation to do anything much at all!

Wandering around my vegetable garden at least gave me some pleasure!

... and picking my own home-grown lettuce put a smile on my face.

I was happy to see the silver-beet thriving:

and the carrots ready to pull up:

Because we are in the sub-tropics, the tomatoes survive reasonably well in the cold:

It's the first time I have grown Kale and one plant is almost ready to pick:

One day I got motivated enough to pull out a few weeds and I decided to buy some more spent mushroom compost. It is such a good addition to the soil and the added bonus is that there are always a few mushrooms still left to pick before it is totally spent:

It's orchid time, so I am happy that this one is showing off its pretty flowers.

The hibiscus has been looking very pretty:

So wandering around our yard has been restful and it's been encouraging to see everything growing so well. I haven't 'made lemonade' but there is joy in knowing that all my circumstances (including when 'life gives me lemons') come through the hands of a loving God.

I've had a little more motivation at night because I don't enjoy watching TV without doing some embroidery, so I have been able to get a little bit of stitching done:

It's the beginning of something sweet that I plan to offer as a BOM next year.

And now for the GOOD NEWS - Aged Care lockdown was lifted two days ago and I am able to spend time with hubby once again - so good after the longest 24 days of my life!

By the way, I don't know why lemons get such a bad rap - I love them and and find them really refreshing!

Happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I am so happy that you will be able to go and visit your hubby. I hope that is an indication that things are improving where you are. Here in the states the covid is increasing with the Delta variance and mostly among the younger folks who refuse to be vaccinated. I just don't understand that.

  2. Hermosas flores y los limones, tomates y hongos.
    Muchas felicidades por ese bello huerto.
    Saludos cariñosos de Ciudad de México.

  3. It was delightful to have a look around your garden! I've never had such a garden, with so much variety. Since I make green, cold-pressed juice every morning, it wouldn't take long to use-up all that kale, most of the carrots, and many of those lovely lemons. (I put these veggies in everyday juice: kale, spinach, celery, carrots, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and tumeric root.) I'm so sorry you weren't able to visit the care center for more than three weeks! Awful! This darned virus continues to have such a terrible impact on our world. Even for those of us who are vaccinated, concern is about how we can carry Delta to unvaccinated family such as our 6, 10, 11, and 11 year-old grandsons. We continue to be prudent. Hang in there. God's got this in His time.

  4. Your lemons look amazing, and I'm imagining wonderful lemonade! I'm so glad you can see your husband again. I know that was hard.


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