June 9, 2024

Firing on all six cylinders!

Here we are in June and our temperatures have dropped dramatically to signal the start of Winter, my least liked season of the year! I usually want to go into hibernation, but this year I am thankfully firing on all six cylinders! After a couple of bouts of illness that demanded rest, it is great to be up and about and active again, and facing each day with enthusiasm!

My days are faily predictable. I like to get up reasonably early, go for a morning walk, then have breakfast when I get home. 

The rest of my mornings are mostly spent on the computer. Being secretary of our church keeps me on my toes, and then I spend a lot of time preparing Bible Studies for our Home Group.

I try to keep my afternoons free from any 'work'. It's a lovely feeling that I can have the rest of the day off after lunch - that's my concession to retirement! I spend a couple of hours relaxing with hubby in the Aged Care, then maybe prepare some appliques or trace a stitchery. I feel so blessed that I can spend time doing things that I love.

In recent weeks, I have taken some of my original projects, and redesigned them by adding a verse from the Bible. Above is another hotpad trivet, a cottage tissue case and a couple of notebooks. I enjoy some happy hours in the evening stitching these little designs. Some of them come together quite quickly. I put the stitched ones aside until I have a few ready for construction, then have an hour or two at the sewing machine, It's very satisfying to have completed another collection of items that would make useful gifts.

Happy stitching and many blessings!


Nanna Chel said...

Val, it is certainly cold here. I head to the beach this week so hopefully can thaw out.

FlourishingPalms said...

I like knowing how your days go. Duties (exercise) and work (computer) followed by an afternoon of leisure. It's a sort of pay-your-way to relaxation, right? I too prefer to exercise in the morning, but often find that my leisure time is interrupted by meeting times, though the "meetings" are clubs I belong to. My days are fairly social as well as leisurely. It's great to be retired! I think it's wonderful that you continue to enjoy handwork, and are finding ways to revisit "old" designs. This, no doubt, keeps your mind young, and your hands dexterous.