pincushions and needle cases

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Hollyhock Cottage Needlecase
Hollyhock Cottage is a sweet needle-case in the shape of a delightful cottage. It is mostly hand-stitched and measures 11 x 13.5 cms (4½ x 5½ inches). 

Wildflower Cottage Pincushion
Do you like to use a number of needles when you are stitching so that you don’t have to keep re-threading with different colours? Then you need a pincushion big enough to hold lots of needles with threads hanging out, without them becoming tangled. Why not have it pretty, as well as a generous size! That’s the gorgeous Wildflower Cottage - coming in at a generous 18 cm (7 inches) square.
Pattern $5

Hanging by a Thread Needlecase

Measuring 13.5 x 20.5 cm (5¼ x 8 inches), this sweet project is designed with six pockets to contain your needles in their packets—no more wondering what size and type of needle you have in your hand. The delightful stitchery is easy to work and is embellished with a scissor charm.
 Pattern $5

Thread'n'Stitch Pincushion
Thread’n’Stitch is a jaunty little pincushion that you just can’t resist! It is fun to put together and you don’t even need a sewing machine. Measuring 6 inches square, this would make an ideal gift ... or make one for yourself and be the envy of all your sewing friends.
Pattern $5

Busy Bees Pincushion
With busy bees hovering around, this little felt pincushion is a delight to make and use.  Embroidery uses a variety of stitches to enhance the sweet design.  The pincushion measures 11 x 13 cm (4½ x 5 inches).
Pattern $3

Pixie Garden Pincushion
This exquisite pincushion is almost too beautiful to use! It measures 18 cm (7 inches) square and is embellished with beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons and threads to create a magic garden.
Pattern $5

Curled up and Content Needle case
This cute needle case has six pockets to store your needles in their packets. That makes it easy to find exactly the size and type of needle you need. The delightful stitchery is easy to work and a little bit of colour adds to its charm. The needle case measures 18 x 20 cm (7 x 8 inches) and 20 x 35 cm (8 x 14 inches) opened.
Pattern $5

The Lily Pond Needle case
This sweet needle case is 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter and has a heart scissor pocket on the back.  Its lovely embroidery is framed with delicate guipure lace.  The inside felt is decorated with seed beads and the covers are edged with a hand-made cord.
Pattern $5

Roses, Roses, sewing set
Put your threads, pens and bits and pieces in the pouch, your needles in their needle case, pins in the heart pincushion and scissors in their case.  Everything is beautifully ready for your next stitching project.  The pouch measures 9 x 20 cm (3½ x 8 inches) and each piece is embroidered with grub roses, lazy daisy leaves and French Knots.
Pattern $5

Butterfly and Roses Needle Packet Case

Butterfly and Roses Needle Case is a delightful combination of roses, daisies and practicality. Measuring 13 x 20 cm (5½ x 8 inches), the project is designed with six pockets to contain your needles in their packets—no more wondering what size and type of needle you have in your hand. Beautiful silk-ribbon roses, guipure daisies, embroidery stitches and beads embellish this gorgeous stitching accessory.
Pattern $5

Flitting Free Pincushion and Scissor keep
This sweet sewing set consists of a pincushion and matching scissor keep.  They are made from felt with appliqued butterflies, embellished with embroidery and beads.  The pincushion measures 14 cm (5½ inches) square and the scissor keep 9 cm (3½ inches) square.  They would make a lovely gift.
Pattern $3

Shell of Roses Needle book and Scissor Case
Spoil yourself and make this delightful needle and scissor case set.  Grub roses are embroidered on pure wool fabric to embellish the scallop shell and the matching scissor case. The needlebook measures 11 x 11.5 cm ( 4½ inches) and the scissor case 7.5 x 14.5 cm (3 x 5¾ inches)
Pattern $5

Velvet Rose Needle Packet Case

Keep your packets of needles in order in this exquisite Needle case, measuring 13 x 20 cm (5 x 8 inches).  The velvet case is decorated with hearts and swags in embroidered grub roses and has six pockets for your needle packets.
Pattern $5

Lilac Love Sewing Set
This delightful three-piece set uses a number of techniques, combining felt and fabric, inset applique, embroidery, twisted cord and tassel.  Beads and a charm add a lovely embellishment.  The hexagonal needle case measures 14 cm (5½ inches), the pincushion 13 cm (5 inches) and the scissor-keep 8 cm (3 inches).
Pattern $5
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Charmed by Silk 
Pincushion & Tape Measure
This charming set is embroidered with beautiful silk threads—a joy to use and a delight to look at. Some lovely beading provides the finishing touch to the design. The Pincushion is 10 cm (4 inches) square and the Tape Measure Cover 5.5 cm (2¼ inch) diameter.
 Pattern $5
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The Beehive Needle Packet Case

The Beehive Needle Case is a delightful combination of silk ribbon embroidery and applique and is ever so practical. Measuring 13 x 20 cm (5½ x 8 inches), the project is designed with six pockets to contain your needles in their packets—no more wondering what size and type of needle you have in your hand.
Pattern $5
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Anonymous said...

Hi Val,I just love all your beautiful pincushions,I am nearly 80 ys old,i still do patchwork Quilting ,but I love doing little projects,and yours are just lovly,I live in Australia N S W

Gina E. said...

Hi Val! At last I will be making another one of your designs - the Lilac Love pincushion and needlecase. I have committed myself to a swap on a forum and asked my partner if there was anything she would fancy, and she said she would love a pincushion. The next day I was looking through some magazines, and there you were, so I put it on my sewing desk to be started this week! I may not use the same colours though, as the swap is for anything in blue or lavender, and I have a lot of blue fabrics and felt on hand. I'll be posting photos on my blog when they are made up.