Indulgent weekend coming up!

Yesterday I booked my flights to Queensland where I will be teaching at the Creative Craft Retreat in October. If you live anywhere near south-east Queensland, have a look at what is on offer for the weekend. It is a wonderfully indulgent, creative, relaxing time with no meals to cook, great teachers (have to say that, seeing I am one!!!), lovely surroundings and a fun weekend of socialising and getting lots of craft done!

I didn’t ever show you more than a sneak peak at what I will be teaching, so here it is.

It’s an etui (pronounced ‘ay-twee’) which is designed to hold stitching accessories with pockets for scissors, threads, needles etc. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun doing the embroidery and appliqué and putting it all together.

There’s some very talented, experienced teachers sharing their knowledge at this weekend, so I’d highly recommend it.



  1. It is adorable !!
    I want one!!! :-)))

  2. lovely blog, I'm happy I found you
    big kiss from argentina


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