Our Morning Walk

We're currently having a week's holiday with our son, his wife and four children. We don't see them very often as they live interstate, so it is just lovely to spend time with them all.

We're in a beautiful part of the east coast of Australia and went for our usual before-breakfast morning walk. I took my camera with me to try to capture some of the beauty that surrounds us.

Here are some flannel flowers - aptly named as they feel so soft and velvety:

The rice flower has such intricate detail in its tiny flowers that make up the flowerhead:

The bush track was dotted with the brilliant purple of the boronia:

And we just kept discovering more and more:

The cone bush was in flower:

And the callistimon:

And right at the end of our walk, a lovely orchid:


Don't we live in an amazingly beautiful country! I can feel some designs coming on with all that wonderful inspiration!



  1. hi

    loverly flowerys!!!!!!


    p sil ov eu

  2. My goodness - those are wonderful! Yes you do live in a beautiful country!

  3. Wow, those are fabulous flowers. I can't believe the first photo is real flowers


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