November 29, 2009

Time to make some presents

I've been busy this week making some Christmas presents.  Unfortunately, none of our family live near us, so we don't see them very often which is sad.  It also means that we don't really know what toys our grandchildren have or even what they might like for Christmas.  So we give all our family money to go buy their own present!!!  However, we do like to have one or two small gifts for them to open on Christmas Day so this year I decided to make things for them.

I'll give you some sneak peaks - in case any of our family have a look at the blog!

Hopefully I'll have some more to show you next week.


My Etui has now been published in Country Threads, Volume 10 No 4. Don't their stylists make the projects look so good?

It's also on the Country Threads website at


The last of the free What is Love? BOM blocks will be on the website in the second week of December.  In January I'll have some instructions for how you might like to put them together.  I have enjoyed the contact with so many of you lovely ladies out there through the free pattern, that I am planning another one for 2010!  It's still in my head at the moment, so hopefully I will be able to sit down one day and actually bring it into being!  Maybe after Christmas ... which is creaping up on us very fast!

Happy stitching!



Allie said...

Val, I can't wait to see those projects - they look so yummy! Congrats on Etui being published!
I have some ideas for more designs too but I'm definitely waiting til after Christmas - it's coming so quick!

Di said...

Hi Val,
I get CCT and look forward to seeing your work in print. Congratulations! I really enjoy your work.

Tozz said...

Congratulations on having your gorgeous Etui published. Its really lovely :)

Liz Schaffner said...

Val, I checked out the link you posted and it looks like your Etui design comes out in Vol 5 ?
At least they had a picture of it posted ?
A Confused Liz
P.S: I am waiting for the magazine to come out to get the pattern but I don't know which issue now ?? Help !