December 6, 2009

Block 8 - Free Pattern

It's time to download Block 8 of my "What is Love?" free BOM pattern. 

This is the last of the little stitchery blocks, but don't forget to come back in January for the rest of the design.  There will be more lettering and quilting patterns to go with the blocks and some instructions on how you might like to put it all together. You can access Block 8 from here.

I've been having fun making some more Christmas presents:

In between all the sewing, I have been thinking about what to take with me when we travel the 2000+ kilometres (and another 2000 back again!) to see our family for Christmas.  I'm sure I'll have some time to do stitching, so I've had the design pencil out and managed to get a new design ready to stitch.  Then I decided I really should make a "What is Love?" for myself, seeing I gave my original version away as a gift!   So now I am about to get the light box out and trace all the patterns so they are ready to pack. The colours I have chosen this time are VERY different to the last one!

I hope you are managing to fit in some stitching in all the busy-ness of the Christmas season.  I have wrapped a heap of presents, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself!  Once I've dealt with the priorities of getting my stitching ready, I must work on posting out our Christmas letter!  All the e-mail ones have been sent, so only the snail mail to go.  It's starting to feel like Christmas!!!

Happy stitching


Sue from Cyprus said...

Thank you Val for this wonderful BOM. I've just printed no. 8 and will get down to some serious stitching after lunch. I want you to know that this has been so much fun and look forward to more of your wonderful projects in 2010!
Again THANK YOU and have a blessed Christmas!
Sue x x x

BJ said...

I'm trying to print block 8, but my computer says there may be a "broken link". Yesterday I could get to the link, but #8 wasn't posted yet. Hmmmm... I'll keep trying, but it is frustrating. These are such great blocks! Thank you for sharing them with us.

BJ said...

Hooray - the download is back up and running and I got the block. Thank you, computer web guru!