June 27, 2010

Something old ....

Winter and I just don't agree!  My body was definitely made for warm weather.  I haven't been able to do much sewing this week as my fingers are very much the worse for wear from the cold weather.  I counted 13 chillblains just on the right hand index finger yesterday, most of which are on the tip.  That's not to mention all the other fingers covered in red sore lumps!  Everything I do hurts, and it just hasn't been possible to hold a needle as much as I would like.

So ... I thought you might be like me ... I just love looking at lovely things other people have made, so here's an array of "something old" for you to look at, chosen for no other reason than that I don't think I have shown you before!

One day when we were out bushwalking, I took a photo of this little Scarlet Robin and later turned it into this raised embroidery picture.  Here's a bit closer on the bit that matters:

This is a little notebook cover I made.  I guess I have made dozens of these over the years:

I am quite addicted to bullion stitch roses!

And one more photo - a bag when I was in "on point" mood:

I hope you've enjoyed 'just browsing' my "something old"!

Happy stitching!


Susan said...

You poor thing _ I know your winters are much colder than mine - but still! chillblains!! I remember one or two from winter in Sydney - so you must be so absolutely cold - better speed up that move to Qld - or live in gloves! Hope you are all better soon.

Christine M said...

Hi Val. Hope your fingers get better soon! Your embroideries are both lovely. I never could master bullion stitch. Regards, Christine

sunny said...

What awesome talent! That Robin is beautiful.

Allie said...

Oh no! Cold, sore fingers are no fun....do you have a rice bag? Make a small pillow, fill it with rice, and microwave it for instant, long-lasting heat. I make a new one every winter, for draping around my neck or just holding onto. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Your projects are so lovely - I don't think there's anything you can't do! Everything you touch turns out so beautifully.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Val,
So sorry to hear you have chillblains. I hope you're being treated for them correctly.
Get well soon.
You're note books and bag are gorgeous!

Joy said...

Val they're all just beautiful ... do love your roses, so pretty ~ and your birdie is simply stunning!!
Hope the weather warms up soon for your poor stitchy fingers!!!
Joy :o)

susan riddell said...

hi val, sorry to hear you have sore hands. i think i had a chilblain on my toes once.painful! i too love to make bullion roses, self taught really,and from a book. i love making little cute bunnys with the bullion stitch, so cute. Love your embrodries ,your so talented.

Mariasun said...

que bordados tan bonitos!!!

Terri said...

I'm with Allie.....I don't think there is anything you can't do......but I do understand not like the cold.....but it is the HEAT that I have troube with....I can't breathe when it's too hot and humid.
Love you stitchings!!
hugs, Terri

Shirley said...

Hi Val, it's not fair is it, I love the cold and am huffing and puffing under a heatwave in the Netherland. Only good thing is I now have time to smell the lovely pink roses.

Rian said...

Here another Dutch girl. It is very warm here, we are not used to it. I am a Spring type of girl. Not to hot and not to cold......

Get well soon with your fingers!

Myra said...

Great bag, and sneak peeks!!

Can you by any chance demo how that bullion stitch is made?

Happy stitchings!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Val! :-)

Gosh, your embroidery is exquisite! Bullion knots are my favourite stitch and your roses are stunning! I haven't done the stitch for a few years, hopefully it will be like riding a bike and I'll be able to do it again without much trouble!!

Hugs! Vikki :-)

KaHolly said...

I'm just loving that little bird stitchery! I've been longing to turn some of my shore bird photos into stitcheries, but haven't. You are a great inspiration.