Too much computer - and not enough sewing!

It was one of those weeks - too much to do on the computer and not enough sewing time!  I shouldn't complain as I had two more projects commissioned for publication, had to send off a quilt to a different magazine and was asked would I like to be profiled in another magazine!  It's just that what goes with that is lots of hours writing up patterns, doing all the necessary templates and paper work and answering heaps of questions. Now there's just two more projects to send off tomorrow and I should be able to see the sewing machine again.

I did manage to complete this project:

And while I had the camera out, I thought I would show you this sewing folder which I completed some time ago.  It's my Tickled Pink pattern, but in entirely different colours:

and the front cover:

It never ceases to amaze me how different fabric totally transforms a design.

And just to prove I have a reason to complain about our cold weather, here's a photo of our front yard this week, an hour after the sun came up.  It was the biggest frost we have seen in 10 years living here. 

Oh, I know, it's nothing compared to snow and ice, but it's cold for this true blue Queenslander whose blood only flows when it gets to the sub-Tropics!

Happy stitching!


  1. Oh Val such prettiness - so glad you found some time for sewing this week! Love that sewing folder.
    FROST! Oh my. We're sweltering on this side of the planet - stay warm!

  2. Lovely work always!
    Kind Regards


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