July 11, 2010

Doing "frilly"

I had a severe reaction to the cold again last week and my fingers were not much good for holding a needle and thread (and still aren't!).  So ... if I was going to do any stitching, it had to be by machine.  I wanted to make a small, practical gift for a friend and thought a pretty coat hanger cover would be something I could sew.

I looked in the craft cupboard for suitable fabric and wouldn't you know, some lovely lace happened to pop out at me, begging to be used ... and I couldn't help myself - I went all "frilly" for the week.

First there was this sweet paisley fabric that I have had for ages just waiting for the right project:

Then I wanted to try out my new Clover Yo-Yo (Suffolk Puff) maker that DD gave me for my birthday:

And that Paisley fabric would look nice with some Suffolk Puffs:

And one in yellow for my friend:

Then maybe a ruffle would look good:

And let's try a pink one while we're at it:

Does anyone else out there "do frilly"?????

If there are enough 'frilly' people out there who are interested, I might write it up as a free pattern for you.  They can be whizzed up in an hour or two.

In between being "frilly", I organised three projects with instructions, templates, samples etc. and they are now all posted off to magazines, ordered some new fabric - as if I don't have enough!, and started tidying up my stash which was in a terrible mess - more about that another day.

Meanwhile, happy stitching!



Susan said...

I am not really a frilly person but those hangers are great - especially if you need a quick present - or fete idea!! Sorry to hear about those fingers again - a balmy 20 degrees in Brisbane today!!

MARYNAN said...

Val, I would really love for you to write up a pattern for those gorgeous coat hangers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Val,
I've never made anything frilly, but I would love to give it a try, so I would greatly appriciate a tutorial.
And thank you for the tut on the roses in your last post.
Dutch hug

Sue from Cyprus said...

Val, I would love to learn how to make the coat hangers. They are so pretty and great for using left over fabrics!! Can you show us how to make the frills.... that's one thing I have never been able to make properly. Can't wait for July's BOM... can we have it alittle early as I want to get it finished before going on hols!!
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x

quilterfaye said...

i have a lot of lace in my stash crying to be brought out to play. Thank you for the offer of a tut. Is that a little purse in pink? Cute!!

Marsha said...

Sorry to hear your hands are giving you problems again. For creative people, that is a huge issue. Hope you are feeling better soon!

The frilly hangers are adorable and a free pattern would be wonderful. Gotta love the free stuff, espescially when it is for something so pretty!

Allie said...

Val I hope the weather warms up a bit for you, it's very hard to be creative when your hands are hurting and clumsy. I love to hand stitch but sometimes my hands feel like they're someone else's and far too big for my body.

Your hanger covers are so lovely, so feminine! My aunt would adore these - I'd love to make her some for Christmas - she's one of those people who have everything, and if she doesn't she buys it herself. I'm always at a loss when it comes to her gifts. Thank you for the offer to make a free pattern, hon! I hope your hands feel better this week!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Val,
These coat hangers are a wonderful gift idea and look soooo pretty!
Sorry to hear your fingers aren't working properly. I hope you feel better real soon.

Christine M said...

Hi Val. Your hangers look great. My wardrobe is full of hangers covered in that knit-in lace that my grandmother made for me. Perhaps I should try some of your hangers. They would make lovely gifts. Regards, Christine

Anonymous said...

Great looking hanger covers -- and I agree they will make great gifts. Could some padding be added to the hanger to avoid shoulder "points?"

Crafty Robyn said...

The hangers are lovely & would make great gifts.
I would be thankful for a tutorial.

Val Laird said...

Hi Sue from Cyprus

You are a "no reply blogger" so I can't e-mail you, but if you like to contact me, I will see what I can do with the next Gifts of Grace block for you.