99 Down and One to go!

It's my 99th post today, so of course we will have to celebrate the 100th, won't we!?!  I've been gathering some bits and pieces to put together a little parcel or two for a giveaway, so watch this space for details in the next post.

My Persian Rose cushion is featured in the beautiful Australian Country Craft & Decorating Magazine this month.

It uses the Broderie Perse method of applique, hence the name.

and it made it to the cover:

I actually was able to do a small amount of sewing this week.  Of course it was about 1/10th of what I had hoped to achieve, but it was a start.  Just a sneak peak for now:

I am using the same fabric range as used for the cushion above and the project below - Garden Party by Blackbird designs.  It has a good variety of colours in the range and of course its romantic flavour suits me to the ground! 

You've seen the project below before but I wanted to let you know that I have now put the pattern on the website for my friends who don't have access to our Australian magazines.  It's my Fantasia wall-hanging with a very easy needle-turn applique fan and some simple embroidery.

The pattern costs only A$10 and can be purchased here.

One of my blog friends, Elaine, has sent a photo of another Gifts of Grace block she has finished:

Some of the stitches are new to Elaine, so hasn't she done a fabulous job with the
satin stich and bullion stitch bees!

We had four of our grandchildren, and their parents, stay for a night over the weekend, the first time they have visited us in our new home.  The children spent the morning on the beach, something they rarely have opportunity to do, so you can imagine how much fun they had.  We will be travelling to their home town (2½ hours away) during the week to attend three more school awards functions.  We just love being able to be present at these ceremonies, after years of being unable to attend.  The stitching can wait!



  1. Love your cushion and congrats on having it published also for it being on the cover :) Hugs Vicki

  2. The Persian Rose is lovely... great to hear when family comes to visit in your new home.... makes it feel more like a place where memories are being made...

  3. Your Persian Rose is so beautiful! Love that fabric range. And how lovely to host so many family members in your new home, Val!

  4. it is always fun to celebrate your milestones...........I love the projects you have done with garden party ............it is a beautiful range.........

  5. Mmmnnn and I saw it and said...I "I know that lady!" such blog induced knowledge. The cushion is lovely and I love the fan one. I love fans and Dresden's for some weird reason.
    I also rather like that quilt on the cover of that Mag. I am now a little further on the guilt trail...I let a 1000 posts slip past and I do have some things for a giveaway....just trying to work out how to do it. But saw the things yesterday and went ouch.
    I shall watch what you do.

  6. Love love the Persian Rose! The wall hanging with applique fan looks great too! Haven't tried needleturn applique.
    I always put my needle down when my mum visits. Precious time not be missed :)

  7. Can't wait till the next post- I wonder if i can enter the comp?

  8. Congrats on being in the magazine!
    I bet your grandkids love that you are closer and able to come to special events now too!

  9. Enjoy the time with the family. The Persian Rose is just beautiful. You did such a wonderful things.
    Hugs from Brazil

  10. Your Persian Rose cushion is lovely Val. I love the colours in the Garden Party fabrics.

  11. The Persian Rose pattern is lovely! Congrats on making it to the cover!

  12. Val , Both your Persian Rug and the Fantasia wall-hanging are beautiful, and "must haves", LOL. So, since it will be questionable if I can find the magazine around here, I'm hoping I will be able to get the Fantasia pattern. I am just learning needle turn applique and it looks like a lovely project for someone like me who is just beginning this technique. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful new treasure with us. Have a Blessed day (or is it coming on evening there?). Big Hugs...

  13. Val, can't believe that we are heading up to your 100th post. Congratulations! I will celebrate with you on Sunday.... keep it up girl!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

  14. As always Val, your work is exquisite.

  15. Hmmm.......I clicked on my previous post here and it took me direct to my blog. And my email address was shown there.
    I wonder what the confusion is.'However...I am still to start sewing the gifts of grace.
    When we were in Bible College, and I was for 3 years, each term we had a quote on the door of our room. We moved each term and were put with different people in large or small rooms...no doubt according to what was thought to be good for us........LOL
    But the quotes were fabulous, however back in '67 before copyright became such a right...no references were given. I would love to use them in a quilt but am a little worried re provenance....although I guess I could now google many of them. Now that is a thought for the day!

  16. i love your website. and the Persian rose pattern is awesome. Congrats for the cover :)


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