November 21, 2010

The best laid plans ...

Well, so much for getting back to stitching this week!  Life just got in the way, so my craft room is still sitting waiting patiently to be used.  However, my husband and I were able to attend three school functions for four of our grandchildren over the last couple of days, so that was just lovely after years of being prohibited by distance.

I do have something to show you, as one of my quilts is in Handmade magazine this month.  I called this one "Fairy Floss" as that's what the fabric colours kept reminding me of.

I am very fond of the edging I have put on this one.

Sandy has very kindly sent a photo of a completed Gifts of Grace quilt that ladies from her church made as a farewell gift for one of their friends.  Isn't it sweet?

And Teresa has finished her last block.  Well done, Teresa.

Now to show you something of our delightful area. This is one of the cliff-top walks we love to use each morning: 

So we can look out over this view:

Then it's down for a walk on the beach:

and maybe a little rest on the foreshore to take in the serenity:

Don't you think we are totally spoilt and abundantly blessed?

Hope your week is filled with joy and peace.



  1. Love your surroundings Val and also love your quilt....congrats on having it published. I too love the border on it. Very pretty.

  2. Totally spoilt...... I think you landed in paradise!

  3. It looks like you have a gorgeous spot!
    Love the quilts too!

  4. How wonderful that you're so close to your grandchildren! Val, I think with walks like that in the area I'd have to work HARD to ever get in my sewing room again, lol. I love your Fairy Floss - yet another lovely design!

  5. You live in a very beautiful spot. I love the edging on your new quilt too. The quilt is just beautiful.

  6. Very abundantly blessed...and have already admired the quilt.
    I am trying to see the logic in living in Lakes Entrance while I was my parents living across from the beach at Rosebud West while I worked elsewhere and here I am retired in flat suburbia..ah...but there are has rained, there has been a lot of growth since 1980 when circumstances landed me here, and it is nice and close to all the good medical attention I need. Yep ...there is a beach about 10km away...not a good swimming beach but it is water....and Melbourne used to be 25mins drive away before the rest of the world moved here. All of which is expressing mild envy over that view...make it those views.

  7. Wow..your surroundings are just beautiful. The Fairy Frost quilt is adorable.

  8. Looks just lovely Val also what a blessing to be close to family again, hope you have found a new church family too or that it wont be long till you do find your place.


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