November 8, 2010

A wonderful weekend away!

I'm back from spending a great weekend away at the Creative Craft Retreat at Lake Perseverance, Crows Nest. We all had a fabulous relaxing time in beautiful surroundings, with wonderful food we didn't have to prepare ourselves, lots of fun and laughter, and plenty of time to work on CRAFT!  Remember the serious attack I made on my stash, making these (and lots of other) bags?

Well, here they are filled with goodies for the ladies:

I taught my Enchanted Garden Pincushion to some lovely ladies who did a great job with lots of embroidery stitches they had never tried before.   Here's the felt all lined up waiting to be chosen:

This is Rosemarie's version.  Aren't her grub roses great for a first-timer?:

And don't you love Vicki's vibrant colours?:

And here's Marian's beautifully embroidered top ready for construction. 
Look at her fabulous tailor's buttonhole flowers.  She admits she is now hooked on this stitch:

I'm already thinking about what I'd like to teach next year - if I'm asked!!! ..........

My favourite quilt that I've designed this year is a very simple one (as all of mine are when it comes to quilts!) but there is something about it that I really like.  It's my fan, hearts and charm quilt which appears in the fabulous Australian Country Threads magazine this month:

Here it is on the cover:

It's always a buzz to see your designs in print!

How are you going with your Gifts of Grace BOM?  I'll have some photos of completed blocks to show you next post.  Until then, happy stitching!



  1. Aaah - seeing those done really makes me regret not coming but I couldn't stay all weekend (doing the flooring at home and need to move everything!!) They look lovely - glad you had a wonderful time though....

  2. I just love your projects, Val. Your students did a wonderful job and this design is charming. I'm still working on my Gifts of Grace and will send you a photo when it is finished. Have a great week.

  3. Hi Val, so glad you are settling into you new home it all looks lovely. I wish I could go to one of your classes those pin cushions are gorgeous and I would love to learn some of those lovely embroidery stitches, enjoy your day.
    Love Jill

  4. I liked the charming hearts quilt also when I saw it in the magazine.
    Love playing with hearts and Dresden's......

  5. I love the pin cushions! There are a least a few stitches there that I don't know how to do!

  6. Hi Val, congratulations on your latest designs being published. The pincushions look fab, I have never attempted grub roses ( I am the only one in my family that sews at all) However after seeing that first attempt, and how good it looks I may have a go! :-)
    Your new home looks gorgeous and it seems your move went extra well. I haven't started on your BOM yet, but have been saving them. This year was very trying with family members health problems, so I am looking forward to having a great time stitching in the new year. thanks for such a pretty BOM and I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Sandy.

  7. Val, I adore the Enchanted Garden Pincushion! The ladies did such beautiful work! I am still trying to master the grub roses so I can get some of the Scissor Keeps done. I can't quite get the hang of it for some reason. Think you could come here to Utah to teach me??? LOL! Actually I can get the first part of the rose just fine but it must be the placement of my needle for the next rows. They are pretty but they just don't look the way your wonderful students first tries did, and I've been trying since I got the pattern, weeks ago. UGH!!! BUT, the retreat sounds like it was wonderful. Nothing like friends, food, fellowship and fun mixed with beautiful stitching! Hugs...

  8. Oh you'll be asked back, I'm sure - those pincushions are so gorgeous! Congrats on being a cover girl, you're quilt is truly lovely!

  9. Hi Val, just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I love your designs! I am working on the Gifts of Grace now which I hope to have finished and quilted for gifting to my DDIL, Autumn. Your last BOM was made and gifted to my DDIL, Danielle for her birthday. Thank you so much sharing your talent and your new home with us, your faithful readers!
    Carmen in Alaska, USA

  10. I love the quilt and have just oprdered some fabrics to make it. It will be my first large quilt


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