It's been a year since ....

Yes, we celebrated our first anniversary in our new home last week!  We love our new area with its beauty and diversity, its peacefulness and its proximity to all we need.  We love being close to lots of our grandchildren.  The cactus garden put on its own celebration for us:


Every spare moment of my week has been spent in making things for craft stall and church fete coming up.

Some needlecases:

A couple of table runners:

and quite a few of these:

I also have set up a page for Val Laird Designs on Facebook. You can find it here. 

I'll be organising a giveaway soon so keep an eye out for some details in a couple of weeks time.

Have a great week,


  1. My daughter would envy you those cactus Val. She love them. Always trying to talk me into buying her more. Gorgeous goodies you've made for the stall. Hugs,

  2. All of your makes are lovely and I just visited your FB page. Lots of gorgeous things there also.
    Beautiful pictures of your cactus garden.

  3. Wow look at those flowers, amazing! I love love love all the goodies you're making very sweet. Your attention to detail is incredible! Every stitch is just perfect!

  4. Cactus's always amaze me... lovely to see yours in bloom and I do love the little goodies you have been making...

  5. Love those little scissor fobs! Good luck with your craft show!

  6. Beautiful cactus flowers. Going over to check your fb page now.

  7. Felicidades de verdad los cactus son bellisimos, a mi hijo Jesus le gustan mucho, y al ver estos los disfruto, gracias por compartir tus lindas fotos y tus creaciones tan originales, se nota el amor por tus trabajos, en hora buena y lo mejor para tu semana.

  8. Such lovely blooms! Thank you for sharing! Your crafts are adorable as always.

  9. I'm so jealous! Your cacti are just gorgeous! I've tried & tried to get mine to bloom with no luch - must be that I live in northern Wisconsin! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  10. Hi Val- that year has gone by so fast. I do remember when you said that you had found the place you wanted!
    Your Cacti are gorgeous, I have a rats tail cactus flowering at the moment, the first time for a few years!
    Lovely work as usual, those needlecases are extra cute. :) Sandy.

  11. Beautiful flowers Val and cacti have some really gorgeous flowers. Love all your projects you have been busy with too. Hugs Vicki x


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