October 16, 2011

Free pattern - Consider the Lilies Pattern 10

It's free pattern time again - second last one in the Consider the Lilies quilt. There's a cute little cottage with lilies in the garden. 

The concept of "at home" is how we can feel as we rest in God's love and it reminds me of His wonderful provision of all our needs.

 You can download the pattern from here.

Next month you'll see the finished product! It makes my heart smile every time I look at the quilt, so I hope you're enjoying making it too.

We've had a busy week with some lovely friends staying for a couple of days; then it was time to catch up on all the mail and e-mails that were happening while we were on holidays.  I've nearly cleared the deck and have even completed a few more items for a stall at the Creative Craft Retreat where I'll be teaching in a couple of weeks. 

Some little bee-hive pincushions

and some mug rugs.

Then I've added another pattern to the website, "Making Daisy Chains".

It's a fat-quarter friendly bag, using three fat quarters plus a bit of fabric for the appliques.  The wording says "Happiness is ... making daisy chains" - makes me think of my childhood trying to make chains out of clover!

You can find the details here.

Yesterday we went to see the opera, La Boheme.  It wasn't live, but the next best thing, recorded live at the Sydney Opera House and shown on the big screen with subtitles.  It was fantastic and it was great to see some younger singers take the lead roles.  The two main singers were absolutely amazing with the most beautiful voices.  The songs are still going around in my head!

Happy stitching!


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Thank you for another beautiful block, Val. The beehive pincushions are so pretty! Sandy. :)

BJ said...

Val, Did something change? I can't download the 'Consider the Lilies' pattern this month. I've been using Google Chrome and have been able to get the previous ones. Help!!!!! thanks. :D

Corina said...

Oh, thank you for the new block. I love it! Nice beehives too!

Anne-Mette said...

Thank you very much for another lovely block for your BOM.
You have been busy sewing. The mug rugs are so pretty as well as the pincushions and the little bag.
... wish my days at more hours at home with time for sewing :-).

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm a bit envious of those who get to learn directly from you and see your quilts and other creations in person- you are so talented!

Alicia said...

Love your consider the lilies bom. And those beehives
Wellington o love all you do

Marsha said...

Val, thank you for another gorgeous block. I love the little cottage! I tried to open the pattern last night and it would not open but this morning things are working fine again. Your other projects are all wonderful, too. Enjoy your day!

Rian said...

Hi Val,
O, what a great pattern again this time. I like the houst and embroidery. Applique is not my favorit, so the first ? one (the lilies) are not ready yet, but this one is just a little applique.
Looking forward to the next one...... however, not all my block are ready yet.......

Allie said...

I think this is my favorite one Val, but I say that every time, lol - thank you so much!! I also love your beehive pincushions, and mug rugs. I just adore everything you do. The Daisy Chain bag is gorgeous!
I've never been to an opera, it's on my bucket list!