Our proud moment!

I'm back home after a lovely week's holiday with one of our sons and his family.  As promised, I wanted to share about our happy day when my husband received his Order of Australia Medal.

The ceremony was held at Government House, Queensland. It's a place I know well as my grandmother lived opposite the extensive grounds and when I visited as a child, we used to see the then Governor walking his dog!  Never did I dream that one day I would be invited inside!

The ceremony itself was a lovely intimate occasion. There were 24 medals presented, including Public Service, Police and Bravery awards. There were just seven receiving the Order of Australia Medal.  

The Governor was very personable and pleasant and took time to speak at length with each recipient.

She then patiently posed so that the recipient's guests could get photos.

During the morning tea out on the lawn, the Governor went around to each recipient to meet their families.


My darling husband of 45 years.

The Governor said in her speech that less than 50% of people nominated for the OAM actually end up receiving it, as the requirements are so stringent and they are investigated very thoroughly. It has to be exceptional service to be awarded. Can you imagine how proud we are?

The medals in their gold-embossed box and velvet folder.

It was extra special to have our three children living in Australia being able to attend the occasion.

Thanks for indulging me in my proud moment!



  1. What a very proud moment...Congratulations...

  2. What a proud day Val. You must be brimming over with pride for that gorgeous husband of yours. What a sweet smile he has. Enjoy! Tracee xx

  3. Val what a proud moment for you all,well done

  4. Congratulations to your husband! What a great honor this must be for him. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

  5. Congratulations to your husband on his accomplishment. He must be very special.

  6. What wonderful photos of the event, something you will both treasure and such an honor.


  7. Hi Val, what a very proud family you must be, and what a wonderful day to remember.
    Love Jillx

  8. Oh my goodness what an honor - your hubby looks so handsome, and so proud, as well he should be!! Congratulations!!

  9. Congrats Val - you should be proud, what a honour for your husband and family. Very cool!

  10. Congratulations! Something to treasure. Great to read that the governor took time for everyone. It makes you feel even more special I think.

  11. Oh my! What a wonderful honor and a beautiful, memorable day it was for all of you. I can't imagine how proud and happy each of you were feeling. While the word seems trite, I'm offering my most sincere and hearty "Congratulations!"

  12. Congratulations Val, your husband looks chuffed to bits, and so he should .... what a huge honour :o). So happy for you both :o).
    Joy :o)
    PS ... I used to live just up the road from Government house too!! Small world ;o)

  13. Congratulations to both of you!
    What a great day to be proud of your husband and your country!
    Take care, Leslie

  14. Congratulations to your hubby. Such a proud moment that will live on, not only in your minds and hearts, but in your family history.

  15. How wonderful for your husband, Val, and of course, you and all of the family. Thankyou for sharing such a special occasion. :)

  16. What a special day! I'm so happy for your hubby and you. :)

    God bless and keep you,

  17. Congratulations to your entire family and especially to your husband. I know it was well deserved! blessings, marlene

  18. G'day. What lovely photos. Congratulations on this special day. Take care. Liz...

  19. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing that day with us!


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