January 22, 2012

The empty nest

We farewelled the last of our family on Tuesday, so all the chicks have gone and we are back to the empty nest. That nest needed a fair bit of attention so I've had a busy week of washing, cleaning, putting things away and generally tidying up. Most of the window flyscreens and tracks have been cleaned, some of the furniture has been polished and I even cleaned the silver! 

I love that doiley - one of many that my mother made me.  Even the spoon collection had a spruce up:

We've started on the gardens and yard.  There were much better things to do than gardening while we had family here, but I've put a reminder to self: "In future do not leave garden without attention for four weeks in sub-tropical summer."!!!

When I went to restock the pantry, our local fruit shop had some beautiful peaches at a very good price.  I bought a case (10 kgs), and spent Friday afternoon bottling them.  That now means I have 26 bottles of plums, peaches and pears in the pantry, so that is a good six months supply of lovely fruit to have on our breakfast cereal.

In between getting the house back in order, I started work on a project that I am designing for one of the Australian charities.  I haven't progressed very far as every time I sit in my "stitching" recliner after tea, the eyelids droop and in a couple of seconds I am off to sleep!  Seems the rhythm of life hasn't quite resumed after the Christmas holidays.

Now, someone who definitely has their act together is Joan.  Just four days after giving you the pattern for the new free BOM quilt, "Thoughts in Thread", there in my Inbox is a photo of Joan's completed block! Joan is using the colours of her family room where she is going to hang the quilt:

And while we're talking free BOM quilts, Penny has sent a photo of her version of the 2010 "Consider the Lilies" quilt, which she has modified to fit the wall in her sewing room:

Thank you, ladies for sharing these photos.  I always love to see what you have done with my patterns, so keep sending them in please.

Magazines have been arriving thick and fast in my mailbox.  The current issue of Creating Country Threads Vol 12 No 8 has my tribute to Australia Day (26th January) with my "This is my Country" wallhanging.

and on the inside:

I'll show you some more next time!

I had better go and tackle some paperwork now, so that I can sit down later with some stitching and a clear conscience.

Happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

Hi Val could you please tell me what you bottled your fruit in,the syrup i mean do you add sugar or is it just juice?

Brenda said...

Wow what a busy lady. I have printed out the first installment of your BOM. Have been thinking it would be a nice present for my mom in love. Need to get some fabrics that look like her though, we have untiringly different tastes.

Pen Pen said...

You've been busy. Love your "this is my country' quilt. I'll be stitching my first block of Thoughts in Thread today. Hope to send pic. to you this week!

Sue from Cyprus said...

Oh Val, I love lace doilies. My mum just churns them out. She's made bed spreads and table toppers for all of her children and grandchildren. She's amazing. I have really tried learning, but I'm just no good at it.... thank goodness for quilting! Now, I'm no expert (far from it) but I'm trying my best! :)
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

Linda said...

Val, you design the prettiest things! If I didn't have 18 UFOs (I counted and itemized them!) already started, I'd jump right onto your "Thoughts in Thread" design. It's one of my favorite Bible verses. And those Australian animals look delightful. Nice to see your special doily and spoons too. I'm feeling the desire to nod off, like you, just thinking about having people in my house for as long as you did! Relish your me-time again.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Val. I love your wall hanging. I will have to get the mag and put it aside for the day I hopefully become a greatgran- my grandson and his wife live in the U.S. so it would be lovely to make and send ( hey- I might even make it for THEM!)
I would also like to know how you bottle the peaches. My hubby likes fruit on his weetbix every day. I got him some peaches yesterday for $3.25 a kilo, but I guess you may get them cheaper where you are. :)

Christine M said...

I love your doily too! How special that it was made by your mother. You certainly had a busy day.

Ondrea said...

I saw your wallhanging in this month's mag Val. I love the first block of your new BOM that has been done already by one of your followers. Her colours are lovely. Good to see last year's BOM as well.

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Val,

Love all the little animals in your "This is My Country" quilt; it's just darling. I hope you enjoy your peace and quiet and are able to get lots of stitching done.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

2ne said...

Nice blocks you have made :-)

Susie said...

What a busy lady you have been Val!