October 13, 2012

Free Pattern - Thoughts in Thread 10

I hope you've enjoyed collecting the various blocks for the free block of the month "Thoughts in Thread" quilt, and, better still, I hope you receive a lot of pleasure out of actually making it!

Today I am giving you instructions for how I put the quilt together with an external peeper, plus the quilting and binding.  The pattern also includes a design for a quilt label. As usual, go to my website to download the final pattern 10.  

Don't forget to upload photos of your finished blocks onto my Flickr group or e-mail them to me so I can share them with my readers. There's some delightful blocks there to drool over.

All the blocks will be available until 31st December so feel free to tell your friends.  The patterns will be removed after that to make way for a new free pattern!  I've finished designing something for 2013 and it's all cut out and a lot of it has been pieced.  I'm now starting on the hand-stitching - my favourite part.  

However, there are still two months before 2013, so I have planned:

Yes, Seven weeks of Christmas Giving!

Commencing the first week of November and going up to the week before Christmas, I will be sharing a free pattern with you each week.  The patterns will be mostly gifts that you can make, along with a couple of Christmas projects. The gifts will all be very useful - you know my designs: 'pretty and practical'!

The patterns will only be available for one week and then will be removed, so can I encourage you to grab my "Seven weeks" logo and share it on your blog sidebar or a blog post so that your friends can join in the fun of receiving a free pattern each week.

I've been getting organised for the Creative Craft Retreat coming up in a few weeks. Apart from all the great classes that are available, there is also a Stall where you can buy (and sell) lots of wonderful hand-crafted items.  I've had fun making bits and pieces to put on the stall and it's always a great incentive for me to finish some of my PASSES (Projects at a Stand-still) and turn them into something that someone might like to buy.

This was a half-finished block that I didn't use from the Gifts of Grace quilt. It is now a sweet little mini-cushion: 

This little bit of appliqued embroidery was just the thing to put on a needlecase:

I don't know anyone having a baby at the moment so this baby quilt is going on the stall:

I'm hoping I will be able to get rid of a couple of crates of bits and pieces! They are taking over my guest room wardrobe!

Have a great week!


Cris said...

Beautiful items to buy and sell, Val!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've put your button on my blog with a link - thanks Val! blessings, marlene

Melody said...

You are always so generous with all you share with us - thank you so much.

Marsha said...

Thank you for the new design, these are so pretty. I am also excited to hear you have another new design for next year and the seven weeks leading up to Chistmas will be fun to look forward to. I have put your button on my blog to share with my bloggy friends. Thanks you for your generosity in sharing with us.

Cheryll said...

That's so generous of you Val. I'll be here every week for sure! I've also added your button on my sidebar. :)

Christine M said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt with us Val. I've saved the pattern for my to do list. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving. Everything will be gorgeous I'm sure!

Sisbabestitches said...

Lovely items to sell, what a great idea to have such a stall at a retreat! Thanks so much for the gorgeous bom this year, and looking forward to what you come up with for the 7 weeks :) Your generosity is amazing!

Ondrea said...

Val, you have made some amazing projects. I thank you for this year's BOM and the time you have put in to share it with us. I am so looking forward to the Christmas giving projects as I am seriously starting to think about starting right now. I looove that baby quilt, Someone is going to be lucky.

If I can work out how, I shall also put your button on my blog.

Angel hugs.

grandmarockton said...

THANKS May God Bless you

Teresa in Music City said...

Looking forward to your Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving! I gave you a little love on my blog post this morning :*) Thanks again for the Thoughts in Thread patterns this year - they are amazing!

nhlady said...

Dear Val:

I just "happened" to find your wonderful website and had to let you know that I LOVE IT!

I am now an email follower and hope to take the time to fully explore your website in the near future.

Thank you so much for your "Thoughts in Stitches" free patterns. A wonderful thing!

Again, my best to you.

Patsy Booher
Loudon, New Hampshire