October 21, 2012

Springtime babies

We were away last week out western Queensland with our Birdwatchers' Club.  We had a fabulous time and because it is about 6 hours drive from where we live, we saw lots of birds that we don't normally see on the Coast.  It's Spring, dry and a bit windy, so the hayfever is out of control, but it was worth it to see lots of birds building nests, sitting on eggs, feeding babies or keeping a watchful eye on their young.

A baby Lapwing:

Mum and Dad Wood Duck with two fluffy ducklings:

One brood we saw had TEN babies!

A Peewee (Magpie Lark) feeding her babies:

Just minutes after I took the photo, the larger baby took it's first teetering wing flutters outside the nest. It soon gained confidence and in no time was a couple of metres away from its baby sister.  It was something really special to watch.

Here's a couple more lovely birds we saw.  Lots of cockatiel:

A Great Egret:

All I've had time for on the sewing front is to finish ticketing all the goods I have for the Creative Craft Retreat stall. Here's a couple more bits and pieces that I will put on the stall:

A needlecase:

Another mini-cushion: 

Here's a sneak peak of a design that I'll be sending off to a magazine this week:

It's just two weeks to go before the 
7 weeks of Christmas Giving 
starts.  Spread the word! 



Jo in TAS said...

Oooh i saw some baby plovers yesterday, had never seen them before, they were so cute with mum and dad close by making sure they didn't wander onto the road.

Melody said...

I adore watching birds though I'm not a member of a club. What a fabulous way to spend a day.

Tracee said...

We'll probably have some little Lapwings around here too, we have a couple of angry mums & dads. Baby birds are just the sweetest.

Gina E. said...

They are gorgeous photos, Val! Ken and I aren't member of a club, but we do plenty of birdwatching in our own yard as well as our aviaries where Ken breeds Gouldian finches and canaries. If you want to see what birds are visiting us lately, do have a peek at my birds blog: http://kookaburrasinourbackyard.blogspot.com.au/

sunny said...

Awesome bird pictures. I can't wait for your Christmas series.

Cheryll said...

Glad to hear you had fun! :)

Susan said...

Lovely pictures of the birds - really looking forward to whatever project is using those lovely colours at the end.

Rosa said...

I love birds songs!

Susie said...

How cute are all those birds (and ducks?).