October 28, 2012

Stops & Starts

I'm a finisher, so stopping in the middle of a project and starting a new one is not something that is particularly attractive to me.  Yes, I enjoy the thrill of planning a new design, picking out fabrics, drawing up the pattern and actually commencing stitching, but I find my mind gets too cluttered and in the background is the gnawing feeling that I haven't finished something! That's the problem with being a perfectionist!!!

So I'm not feeling all calm and peaceful this week. I've ended up starting 5 (YES five!) new things! The fabric is all chosen  and the hexagons are made for a cushion, I started stitching a new block for the 2013 free BOM and I've prepared three pincushions ready for stitching.  Now to solve my dilemma, I have put the cushion gear away back in the cupboard, the new block at the bottom of the pile and I'm majoring at the moment on the pincushions.  It was a last minute decision to make them at all, but I thought they would be something sweet to put on the Creative Craft Retreat stall next weekend and they really won't take too long to complete. They are my Busy Bees Pincushion so will look something like this:

The vine around the door is complete on this one:

and I'm a bit further advanced on a pale pink one:

I am really looking forward to the Craft Retreat where I will be teaching my Rosebud Cottage Box which I have shown you before.  I love this design:

And now I have been thinking about starting yet another project!  I gave my husband an Android Tablet for his birthday today, and it really needs a protective cover ASAP.  Why buy one when I can make one? - silly idea in hindsight!

Now if it's my husband's birthday, that indicates that it's going to be November very soon, which means that next weekend will be the start of my:

I will be making available a new pattern each weekend over the next seven weeks. Each pattern will be free to download for one week, so look out for my blog post next week for the first of the free patterns. (Don't panic if I'm a day late as I will be travelling home from Craft Retreat so won't have access to my computer.)

My sense of completion and finality had one or two calm moments in the midst of my week's storm. This project was all packaged and sent off to one of our lovely Australian magazines:

I love that feeling of finishing!

And while I'm talking about finishing, have a look at what Ondrea completed.  Her version of my Fantasia wall-hanging is just gorgeous in the blue fabrics:

I'll leave you with a little Rebus puzzle.  What is this?:


Have a great week.


Sharmayne said...

The little bee hive pincushions look fab..... I just might have to make one myself (and add another project to my list LOL)
Hugs Sharm

Sisbabestitches said...

I really need to drop down to one project at a time, I can really see the attraction of feeling less scattered, not sure I am quite ready for it yet, though it is growing on me. Your pin cushions are looking lovely. And oh goodie only a week til your Christmas giving projects, yay :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Stitchery of the Month? Your pincushions are absolutely adorable! So looking forward to your 7 Weeks of Christmas Giving :*)

Christine M said...

You must be feeling way out of your comfort zone starting all those new projects Val. Don't worry. You'll be fine! LOL! I'm looking forward to your Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving.

Melody said...

Wow, so much going on in your stitching life. Everything looks so beautiful.

PeggyR said...

WOW you have been busy!

Ondrea said...

Val those pincushions are so pretty. I am really looking forward to the 7 Weeks of Christmas Giving patterns as I know I am going to absolutely love them. Angel hugs.

Gayle said...

The little bee hive pin cushions are georgeous. Love them all.

Cheryll said...

Looking forward to coming by and visiting for your seven weeks of Christmas! :)