Fabulous free Christmas Craft

Part of the joy of being a crafter is having children and grandchildren who also love being creative.  Our very talented daughter, Janelle, has just designed this fabulous Advent calendar for children to make.

The pattern is available for FREE over here at Imagine, Make, Believe.

Janelle is in the process of setting up an inexpensive, digital, downloadable magazine for children 5-11 years old.  It's going to be full of fabulous ideas - craft, sewing, recipes, games, drama, stories, puzzles, party ideas ... but more about that another day.

Part of Janelle's philosophy is to use materials that are easily obtainable, cheap or free, and often what can be found in the house. I'm sure your children, grandchildren, friend's children will just love making this and it's not going to cost a fortune!

Who'd have thought that egg cartons and bottle lids could look so good and be so much fun?



  1. How fabulous. Thank you for sharing this link.

  2. What a cute idea! Looks like creativity runs in your family, Val!

  3. what a great idea.xx

  4. Thanks Mum for the plug! Glad you think it's fabulous! Have you guessed who's calendar is who's?!

  5. The yellow one is Elissa's...
    The black one is Annie's...
    The blue and red one is JJ's...
    And the best one(green) is mine!!!


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