Week 6 - Free Pattern

It's the second last week of the Seven Weeks of Christmas Giving. This week I have three very versatile little stitcheries for you. You can make them into a Trio of Trivets as I have, join them together with a button and make them into a swag, or simply use the stitcheries wherever you like!

The free pattern will be available on my website  for one week. I hope you enjoy using these designs.

Six or seven months ago, I must have done a lot of sewing!  There are quite a few of my patterns being published in magazines at the moment!

Here is Les Macarons in the latest edition of Patchwork & Stitching:

and it's always exciting to be on the cover:

Now I have a confession to make - I don't really know what all the fuss is about when it comes to Macarons!  There are many other sweet delicacies that I would rather have placed before me!  But what I DO love is the colour!  They look so amazing!  Here are the colours I chose when I "baked up my storm":

In contrast to my hive of activity six or seven months ago, I don't seem to have accomplished very much stitching lately!  The round of Christmas catch-ups, break-ups, clean-ups and shopping always engulf the last two months of my year - it's a fun way to have life engulfed!  

Not so fun this week was having a problem with my colour printer.  I wasted a whole day trying to get it to work, then another day scouring the internet for a new one, trying to do the impossible - compare apples with apples! I finally worked out which printer to buy, based on its purchase cost and ongoing ink costs, and the best place to purchase it ... only to find when I went to the store yesterday, that they had sold out!!!!!  I was determined to come home with a new printer, so went to another store for a different model, only to find they also had sold out!  The story has a happy ending, however, as the store was giving big discounts yesterday, and I was able to purchase a better model for just $6 more than I originally was going to pay!

I have managed to stitch a few little Christmas ornaments in front of the TV at night:

Felt is such a versatile fabric:

We have more break-ups and catch-ups this week.  It's getting to look a lot like Christmas!



  1. So many gorgeous projects yet again. I love your macaroons mini, it is delightful.

  2. Love those macaroons - they look good enough to sample. Thank you for the trivets design.

  3. mmmmm! Low calorie macaroons! Your little quilt is lovely Val.

  4. Oh, Val, your work is delightful, as always. Love the little stitcheries, thanks for the patterns!! What fun to be published. Again! I'm traveling so only have one project to work on, but when I get to my final destination a week from today, I can't wait to set myself with non-stop projects. Hope you are having a great weekend! ~karen

  5. ADORABLE, thank you Val!!!! Oh I love all your projects. I'm glad you're staying busy with family, nothing better than that, is there? And that you got a great printer!

  6. That dove ornament is absolutely lovely.

  7. thanks Val...so pleased you were able to get a printer.....love those macaroons.....

  8. I saw your Macaroons pattern in that magazine last week, and was sorely tempted to buy it...but resisted temptation because I already have so many of yours to do and am running out of time already!
    Felt is great to work with - love your Chrissy ornies. I've been making donuts and cupcakes, just for fun :-)

  9. Your macaroons mini is just adorable but I am also with you on the whole macaroon thing. I was quite excited to learn that they were gluten free (as that is all I can eat) however when I tasted them I was very disappointed! Merry Christmas!

  10. Thanks so much for the Trio of Trivets! Your felt ornaments are sweet!

  11. I agree about the colour of the macaroons. They look YuMMy!

  12. Hi Val, loving your blog. I tried to download the "Thoughts in Thread" blocks. When I clicked, it took me to your website and I clicked again and it said all blocks were on on your blog. What am I doing wrong.


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