March 17, 2013

Free BOM - Apples of Gold - Block 3

Block 3 in the free Block of the Month Quilt, "Apples of Gold" is now available.  

Now, that's the sort of reputation I wouldn't mind having - being known for my gracious words!  It's a far cry from reality but I'm working on it! Isn't the Bible clever with its words of wisdom? This one comes from Proverbs 16:21 - so if you want a reputation, have gracious words for everyone!

I outlined the flowers with chain stitch and with the use of some multi-colour thread, I think this has really brought something lovely to these flowers:

You can find Block 3 here.  If you missed any of the other blocks, the links are all available from my free pattern page.  I do hope you enjoy making this block.

I don't seem to have accomplished a huge amount this week.  I did send off a parcel containing three projects to two magazine editors.  Checking instructions, templates and samples all takes time, but it's worth every bit when I see my designs in print!

And yah!, I completed all the quilting on my bed runner, plus the binding.  There are still a few leaves and flowers to finish off:

I've also made the front of a matching cushion - just needs sewing together. I will be very pleased to have this design completed.  I'm not good for the long haul on large projects - I'm a bit of an 'instant' person and like to get things finished QUICKLY! I've been making the flowers and leaves for the runner at night and I was very happy to work on a Christmas bag in the day-time. The bag only took me a couple of days and it is all finished.  It is sweet and pretty, but I'll show you that another time.

I did manage to prepare another pattern from last year and it's now on the website.  I am addicted to making stitching accessories!  My rationale is that why shouldn't we have something beautiful to inspire us while we stitch???!!!  You might remember Strolling through the Garden set:

My favourite part of the set is the tape measure. Making these is quite addictive: 

I also had a trip to the dentist.  It was my annual checkup and I am happy once again to have nothing to be done! The garden also had a little bit of attention this week.  The rain has finally stopped and we were at last able to attack the lawn and trim the edges and the front yard looks all neat and tidy again.

I had a look today at my "To make" notebook and I have seven projects recorded in there; there are heaps more in the "Ideas" notebook and on the table is a half-drawn sketch for a stitchery. I don't think I'll be wondering how I am going to fill my week!

Have a great one yourself.


KaHolly said...

Hi, Val. I just love this new block. It would be pretty standing alone in a project, also. You start out saying you haven't accomplished much, then you list everything you have been doing. My goodness, you've accomplished many things! And they are all beautiful.

Christine M said...

Those flowers are just gorgeous in that thread Val. I love the chain stitch. It is so effective.

Shanti Samuel said...

Thanks so much.. So very inspiring.. Please do visit my handwork at when you find time.

Pensée et Lavande said...

Chére Val Laird,
De trés jolies réalisations,
de belles colories et broderies,
j'adore beaucoup.
A mitiées et belle journée

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You are such a blessing from God, Val. xxxx

FlourishingPalms said...

Lovely things, as always. I'm looking forward to stitching block number three. I'll have to get it ready this week for some quiet, down-time stitching the following week. Thank you for your designs.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of not much matches my idea of a very crowded week! =) Thank you so much for the beautiful third block.