March 24, 2013

Fete fun!

The school that two of our grandsons attend is having a Mothers' day stall next month and then a few weeks later their biennial Fete.  Of course I said "Yes" when I was asked could I make something! The family is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, so I thought it would be a smart idea to get a few things made so they could take them back home with them.

I actually haven't been to a fete for ages, so I'm not sure what the current trend is and what is likely to sell.  The Mothers' Day stall is a place where children can buy a gift for their Mum to give on our Aussie Mothers' Day on the first Sunday of May, so I figured someone might like to buy one of these:

  or maybe this one:

This is my free pattern which you can find here. 

They don't take very long to make, so I made a few!

Another afternoon I whipped up a little tote bag:

The gold fabric is upholstery weight so has a lot of body.  It almost looks and feels like straw, so is really great for a bag.

I love the look of crazy patchwork but haven't ever really done much.  It was time to remedy this! Who can resist a pretty hanging heart?

Definitely want to make more of these. I really enjoyed spending time on some quick projects after spending weeks on my bed runner and cushion. I feel as though I accomplished a lot this week!

Earlier in the week, I designed a little stitchery which I'll be offering as a free pattern shortly.  It too comes together quite quickly, and I want to do two or three to show you some of the possibilities with it.  It might take a back seat for a little time while I keep having my fete fun.  I came up with ten ideas of projects I could make for the stalls so, since I've only used three, I've a way to go yet!

Bring on "instant" - long haul is just not my style!  I'm a finisher and just love having a project completed - especially when I can achieve two or three in a day!




Lynn B said...

These hangers are just perfect, I love them!

Mhairi said...

I knew there was a reason why I followed you - other than enjoying your wonderful creations and seeing what you are working on.
I have been searching for a good easy pattern for coathangers since last Christmas.
Thanks so much for sharing this pattern, I will certainly be using it when I can find the time to sew.

KaHolly said...

The mom's will just love their gifts! What a good idea for the school to do. Around here, they just have made in china junk for the kids to spend their money on for gift giving occasions.

sunny said...

What pretty little projects! I'm sure they will sell in a heartbeat.

Pensée et Lavande said...

Un superbe travail,je suis sure que cela va plaire,un travail trés fin,et de belle couleurs de printemps.
Bon dimanche a bientot.MC

Christine M said...

You've used such lovely fabrics for the hangers. I have used this pattern of yours quite a few times. I think everyone likes to use pretty hangers!

Nancy in IN said...

Never head of a fete.
This will be great for DDGD for her prom dress(s).
Nancy in IN

ANudge said...

Those are perfect gifts for Mother's Day and sure to be popular. Thanks for the pattern, too.

Susan In Texas said...

The coat hangers are gorgeous; I bet they'll sell out fast. It's always fun to finish small projects quickly. I just finished a cake carrier and table topper that took me AGES to finish.

Happy Easter,
Susan in Texas

Gayle said...

Beautiful hangers, I am sure there will be some happy mothers on Mothers Day thanks to you.

Kate said...

Val, your contributions to the fete are delightful ....