Free stitchery pattern for you

Happy Easter!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that you have had time to stop and think about the reality of what we celebrate - God's amazing love.

I don't have any chocolate or Easter eggs to give you, but I do have a free stitchery pattern to share!

I have done three samples to show you just a few ways you could use the design. In this little wall-hanging I buttonhole-stitched the smaller flowers and did chain-stitch around the larger ones:

This one made into a needle-book hardly looks the same pattern, does it!:

One of the things I've discovered about redwork is that a simpler look works better.  You can see that I haven't worked any radiating centre lines on the larger flowers.  Instead, I enlarged the centre circle and filled it in with satin stitch:

 I didn't use stranded thread for this stitchery.  I bought some Gutermann thread at a good price last year when a quilting shop was closing down. Only thing is, when I came to use it, I discovered it was thick!  It turned out to be Top Stitch thread, not normal sewing thread.  I tried it on this stitchery and really enjoyed using just the one strand, rather than trying to keep two strands together and smooth:

The third sample I made into a mug rug:

I decided to applique the watering can on this one.  Now that I look at it, I wish I had satin-stitched the handle and filled it in.  Too late now, it's all made up!  

The flowers are backstitched on this sample.  I wanted the red centres to really pop to give this one with its murky colours the lift it needed.  Compare the first sample where the green centres play a secondary role. Isn't it fascinating how colours work?

I hope that has given you some ideas of different ways to work the stitchery.  I'd love to see photos of how you use it.  You can download your free watering can stitchery here.

I managed to complete a couple more things for the fete stall:

With a few things I had in my cupboard, the box of goodies for the fete is now full.  Now it's time to work on some Christmas designs - yes, magazine editors are needing them in the next few weeks!  I've been using a lovely range called Cinnamon Spice, not Christmas fabric but lovely muted Christmas colours which look quite delightful together. It's always fun making new projects!!!

Happy stitching!


  1. Thank you! Any way you stitch it, it looks great! I appreciate all the sharing you do on your blog. It's very kind of you.

  2. Thank you so much for these wonderful free stitchery. Happy Easter from Germany

  3. Thankyou for sharing your pattern with us all Val. I hope you had a lovely day today with your family. I love all the variations of the design. I have discovered the Cosmo Multiworks thread which is 2 strands off a reel instead of in a skein. But, I still use my DMC that I have collected for 40 years since starting counted crosstitch back then. Angel hugs.

  4. I bet your creations will be among the first items to go at the fete! I always look for handmade things at markets and fetes.
    Hope your Easter has been blessed and peaceful Val; your comments are very relevant. It is sad to see the shopping centres full of eggs and bunnies, but rarely anything of real signficance these days. Why don't the chocolate manufacturers make Crosses instead of eggs? It would be more in the spirit of Easter...

  5. Val, I love the watering can and all the different ways you used it! Thank you so much for sharing the design and your methods. Your Christmas projects are something to look forward to. :)

  6. Easter Blessings to you and your family.


  7. The stitchery is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and for sharing all the beautiful ways to stitch it. Happy Easter to You!

  8. Thank you. Happy Easter from the other side of the world!

  9. Thank you for the free pattern Val.

  10. thank you for sharing your lovely watering can...I will enjoy stitching it

  11. Just darling, Val, thanks so much for your sharing heart!! Have a lovely Easter.

  12. Thank you for the pattern Val and a very Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  13. Happy Easter to you and your family too, Val. Thank you for sharing this lovely stitchery.

  14. You've been busy Val on some wonderful projects. Thanks for the pattern too ! :)

  15. That's just lovely, Val. Thank you for giving us such a pretty Easter offering!

    All the best,
    Susan in Texas

  16. Trés trés joli,merci du partage,c'est le tee mug rug qui me plait,et je ne manquerais pas de le faire bientot.
    Amicalement M christine

  17. Thank you so much for the pattern! I just love all of your work.

  18. Thank you so much for the stitchery gift and I hope you had a blessed Easter.


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