June 16, 2013

Free BOM - Apples of Gold - Block 6

Block 6 in "Apples of Gold", the free Block of the Month quilt, is now available.

It's just a small block this month, but it's BIG on thought - all about being careful what we say!  I confess that I often have "foot in mouth" disease - rush in before I think - so this is a timely reminder!

Sweet little pumpkins with a lovely variegated thread:

The pattern can be downloaded here.
The patterns for all the blocks in this free quilt are available from my Free Pattern page.

Speaking of pumpkins, I have just picked this beauty today out of my vegetable garden:

The cold weather seems to have driven all the grasshoppers away which means we now may be able to pick the silver beet again. They almost decimated it last month.

My designs continue to appear in our lovely Australian magazines. When I showed you the front cover of the latest Stunning Country Craft magazine recently, I didn't point out that my French Grey cushion was just above my photo:

It's part of a set actually, which includes a single bed Runner:

It would make a sweet set for a daughter or niece and the pattern is easily adaptable for use with a different colour palette. You can find it in Volume 24 No 2:

I was very happy to have completed another project this week.  It is very classical and beautiful in lavender, lemon and gold and lots more roses.  Can't stop making roses at the moment!  I've also drawn up another couple of designs and started working on a gift.  A lot accomplished always puts a smile on my face!

Happy stitching to you too!


Ondrea said...

Thankyou for the next BOM design, it is lovely. I also love your bedrunner and cushion. May have to put them on my list too. Hmmmm, sew many things sew little time.

KaHolly said...

Just lovely, Val. And so very true. The bed runner set is adorable. You are such a busy lady, and so talented. Wherever do you find the time?

Grammasheri said...

I so appreciate your free BOM...it is just lovely. The pillow and runner are quite striking, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new block. I love that your designs are appearing in magazines. I'm guessing it never loses the thrill of seeing your name in print. =)

Regina vicentini said...

Olá Val!
Sou brasileira e correndo pela internet encontrei seu blog. É maravilhoso seu trabalho e fiquei com muita vontade de aprender mais sobre ele. Seus bordados são uma perfeição! Parabéns!
Gostaria de saber como posso ter lições sobre seus bordados e costuras. Quais as suas revistas e onde posso encontrá-las? Um grande abraço e muito sucesso!
Regina vicentini
Meu blog: ginapatchwork.blogspot.com