You're Welcome!

Are you one of those people who, when thanked for doing a good deed for someone, respond with: 
"You're Welcome"? 

 I have always been interested in the development of language and I have found it fascinating to watch various sayings gain in popularity.  In the circles in which I have moved in the last 20 years or so, "You're Welcome" has become a standard response to a "Thank You".

Well, enough of etymology and linguistics!  I showed you a sneak peak of my project a couple of weeks ago, but now I can reveal 
"You're Welcome" Wall-hanging.

 I love this little cottage with its hollyhocks at the front door:

You can find the pattern in the current Australian Country Threads magazine Vol 14 No 2:

I'm happy to say I had a productive week at last!  I finished a couple of projects and posted them off to Magazine editors. 

A stitchery project is now completed and I just have to write up the pattern; I answered some profile questions for another magazine, then I started and finished an embroidery project and later spent an afternoon cutting out another design. That's more like how my week should be!!!

I enjoyed playing with silk fabric - two shades of Silk Dupion in this design with some gorgeous gold beaded braid for embellishment:

and was in my element playing with silk ribbon and making roses:

My silk ribbon stash is nearly depleted now and there are no stockists anywhere close, so shopping in my sewing room was the only option.  Who could resist colours like Grapefruit, Velvet and Grape Mist?  I spent up big and am now eagerly awaiting my order. Meanwhile, I have become so addicted that I have already started yet another project using beautiful silk ribbons!

Have a great week with lots of stitching!


  1. Your little cottage is a very sweet design.

  2. Love it Val,someday, I am on my 8th grand kids quilt, I like just 4 more to be through with my list

  3. All my life (pretty long one now!), I've been taught that was the appropriate response. I love working with dupioni silk and there's a lot of it in my crazy quilting. I look forward to seeing that project!

  4. I just love your little cottage Val.

  5. I love your little cottage and have bought the mag for the pattern. I don't usually buy mags anymore but I "needed" to this time.

  6. Your cottage design is lovely! "You're welcome," is the standard reply to "Thank you" that we have been taught for decades. The younger generation reduces it to "No problem!"

  7. Un doux petit cottage,j'adorerais y habiter,beaucoup de travail,magnifique,bravo.
    Douce semaine Val

  8. Hi Val,
    Gosh there are some yummo patterns around today for us to make. That magazine is one of my favourites.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Loved the cloth with the cottage ... loved their work, are beautiful!! Congratulations! Kisses


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