December 8, 2013

Free Pattern for Christmas Giving - Week 4

Here is our free pattern for this week -
The Butterfly in my Garden Bag

There is a lovely stitchery on the front:

and quilted butterflies on the back:

The handles are embroidered with butterflies and flowers: 

The pattern is available for one week here.

I hope you've enjoyed our little giveaway of the four free patterns. Please send me a photo if you've used one of the patterns - I would love to see your version.

Some of my favourite things to design are stitching accessories - Needlecases, pincushion, scissor keeps, sewing compendiums, tape measure covers. You can see some of my collection here.

One of my recently published designs is the Enchanted Joy set.

It's in the current beautiful Embroidery, Cross Stitch and Beyond magazine Vol 21 No 5:

My favourite - the tape measure:

I love the gold beading around the edge:

I had a good sewing week, completing one project, making a big dent in two others and making myself a simple skirt. Remind me next time I get the bright idea of sewing with chiffon not to! 

It's ages since I've sewn with fabric that isn't cotton and it was a big shock to have fabric slipping and sliding all over the place. Sewing with 100% pure cotton is such a pleasure after that! Anyway, I was happy with the skirt and wore it this morning with a lovely Aqua top.

Another job I ticked off last week was our Christmas letter - it's written and circulated. Next job is to make the Christmas pudding. I've been waiting for weeks for the butcher to obtain suet and finally I now have some. Our really traditional pudding is a recipe handed down through quite a few generations in our family. It features here on this design. Then I had better start thinking about presents!

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Just want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for these 4 Lovely freebie projects for Christmas. Thank you so much!!
Carol O

Tammy said...

Val thank you for the pattern for the butterfly in the garden bag. It is very pretty. I can see many uses for this pattern. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another beautiful pattern. I truly love butterflies, and your design is gorgeous. I learned my lesson on chiffon when my dad and I made a red chiffon high school formal. Haven't sewed any since! It is beautiful, though. What a pretty design your needle set is, too. You are so talented!

Carla Fiedler said...

Val, Thank you for the lovely butterfly in the garden bag pattern! You have inspired me to try some embroidery on a bag my daughter wants me to make.