December 15, 2013

On being left-brained

Just for fun, I did a couple of left-brain/right-brain tests recently. Some scientists are saying that it is all a myth, but I always come out way over to the side of the left brain - logical, analytical, objective, focussed on details, rules, languages, words.  "My world runs like clockwork - perfectly organized and systematic, with everything done on time" says one result. My family will tell you that that is me!

Where does that leave creativity and being artistic which is the focus of the right-brain? Apparently, I may not have been in the right queue when that was handed out! Oh well, maybe the logical, strategic approach helps me somehow with my designs!  

I like to think this one in Embroidery, Cross Stitch & Beyond Vol 21/5 is artistic!  I called it "A Millinery Moment" :

I guess the eye for detail that comes with being left-brained helps in the design process: 

None of the tests say anything about loving roses!!!

 I love being organised!  My sewing machine and overlocker are going in to be serviced tomorrow and won't be back for two weeks. How can I bear to be separated from my machine for that long?  I figured that with 22 people in the house over Christmas, I wouldn't get any sewing done anyway, so it's a good time to be separated from my lifeline!  However, the last two or three days I have had the machine running hot preparing a wall quilt which now needs a lot of hand-stitching, so I am all set up if by chance I do get a moment to stitch.

I surprised myself last week and accomplished heaps more than I expected.  Three new designs are now complete, the yard had a good tidy up, the Christmas pudding was made and I wrapped lots of Christmas presents. I'm always happy when I can cross off lots from the "to do" list!

My Four weeks of Christmas Giving is finished, but the little Christmas Gift Bag below is always available. You might like to whip this up quickly as an alternative to throw-away Christmas paper.  You can download it from my Free pattern page.

This week's "to do" list includes some Christmas shopping, more Christmas cooking and stitching on the new free Block of the Month I have planned for you for 2014. Then I'll have to work out where 10 extra people in the house are going to sleep! (Of course I have it already worked out - just need to get all the mattresses in place!)

Till next time,


Melody said...

A very sweet project

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a sweet hat!

Maria said...

My goodness...22 people for Christmas! Bet you have a wonderful time! I am supposed to be a left brained person too and the being organised and analytical is true but I also enjoy creative pursuits. Having said that, knitting, crochet and patchwork all involve mathematical skills so I like to think that that is the link between both sides of the brain.

Tammy said...

You are a super busy bee. That's a lot of extra people to be in a home.

Anonymous said...

Val, I think there is a major part of creativity that IS logical, analytic, focused on details and all the rest of that. Perhaps there are some who can toss off respectably creative things without those attributes, but I think that for at least SOME of us, the process needs to be orderly and logical. I consider your work VERY creative - and the placement of each rose is just so - nothing haphazard ... and that takes analysis and detail, and all the other logical parts. You keep right on being logical, and I'll keep right on enjoying your creativity. =)

Rengin Yazitas said...

What a lovely project, thanks so much for sharing, very inspirational.
Season's greetings,