Wishes ....

I hopped on the scales this morning and was soon wishing I hadn't indulged so much over Christmas! Our celebrations go on for a whole week with our family around us - lots of delightful food and fun, but not so good for the waistline!

Maybe my indulgence should have stayed with the fabric type.  My latest design in Country Threads magazine Vol 14 Issue 10 definitely won't put the kilos on:

It's a set of four placemats called "Chocolate Delight" - eye candy without the weight gain! The fabric I have used is called "Double Chocolat" by 3 Sisters, so I really had to produce a design focussing on Chocolate, didn't I?

I've made a few designs using this gorgeous fabric range and at the moment I'm using up all the bits and pieces left over from the layer cake in a lovely wall hanging.  It's the design I prepared earlier so that I had some hand-stitching to do while my sewing room (and the rest of the house) is filled with beds! We still have 15 of our family in the house so there's plenty of noise and activity!

It's stone fruit season in Australia so I bought a case of plums and have preserved them so we can enjoy them throughout the year.

Next thing on the wish list is preserving some apricots and peaches.

One of my wishes that my lovely husband fulfilled for me is this beautiful ring that he gave me for Christmas:

I am blessed!

My wish for you is that you have a happy New Year and many blessings in 2014.



  1. The set of placemats is beautiful Val! You've been busy with the bottling I see too. And the ring that your husband gave you is gorgeous!

  2. Val te quedaron preciosos los tapetes y las telas son muy bonitas.
    El anillo se ve maravilloso!!! un beso

  3. What a beautiful ring, Val. You are one lucky lady. I don't know what happened to me over Christmas but I seem to have lost a kilo! I obviously haven't been indulging enough! LOL!

  4. Querida Val!
    Sempre nos trás essas maravilhas para aguçar os olhos e também o estômago! Delícias! Desejando também a você e sua família um ótimo ano cheio de bençãos dos céus, deixo meu abraço com muito carinho!

  5. Lovely! I too steped on the scale and am at the top of my wt limit!
    I was sugar free yesterday, and the is the start!

  6. I am in love with those placemats!!! Sew pretty!!! ... And that ring - gorgeous!!! I can see why it was a wish of yours :) Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas week!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year too Val!! x

  7. The placemats look good enough to eat!! The ring is absolutely stunning with my favorite color stone. Have a blessed New Year.

  8. Lovely design, Val. You knocked it out of the park again. And what a beautiful ring! What a nice way to start off the new year.

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  9. Val,your placemat are just beautiful!

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014!!

  10. now that's my kinda chocolate...they are gorgeous and your ring is lovelry.cheers Vickie

  11. What a gorgeous ring! Very blessed, indeed, not just for that but having so many family members around for the holidays. Your placemats are so cute. Yummy, calorie-less chocolates! Love the look of your plums. It's the non-canning season here, but seeing those makes me want to get out the jars and can something!

  12. Your chocolate designs look good enough to eat - and the plums look delish - just love the ring too.
    Happy New Year to the house full.

  13. What a gorgeous ring, Val! Truly lovely. Did you ask for it? Or is your Santa just that thoughtful? You must have had a lovely Christmas. My belated wishes to you, and all good wishes for a happy and healthy 2014! Blessings.

  14. Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing. Hugs

  15. Hi, I am so excited I finished my Gifts of Grace quilt. If you would like to see it, check out my blog at http:://stitchinfriends.blogspot.com . Thank you so much for these beautiful pattern!

  16. WOW I love that ring!!!!
    You must of been a very good girl the year !!! LOL

  17. Ooo Val I love the ring you got from hubby, very pretty and your latest design in Country Threads is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year Val!


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