January 5, 2014

Keeping the status quo!

With the avalanche of our 23 family and visitors for Christmas week, I realised how much I like my quiet normal state of existence. It was so lovely to have everyone around us and we now miss the happy interaction of the children with their cousins, but I am very content to have my clean, organised, tidy home back to normal!

So, being a person who doesn't really care for change, I haven't set any goals for the new year, nor made any resolutions, nor made any big plans for altering the stitching side of my life. I am happy with the status quo - having enough time and energy to design and stitch when I feel like it, without any pressure!

So you can expect more of the same from me in 2014 - eg my new designs appearing in Australian craft magazines. Not that  I want to remain static - I am always aiming to keep my designs fresh and vibrant, whether they be vintage, romantic, country, cottage or shabby style.  Sometimes I even do modern! The new Cherry and Chocolate table runner is relatively simple and the addition of white fabric gives it a modern touch:

You can find the pattern in Handmade Vol 32 No 2:

Something else that won't change is that
  I will again be offering a new free Block of the Month Wall Quilt for 2014:  

 It's all finished ready to write up the pattern:

It's quite different to the last couple of years' quilts and will be very quick to do each month:

Keep a look out next week for the first installment.

Of course, I'm already working on the next design, have the fabric organised for the one after that, waiting for some fabric to arrive for the one after that, and have one design spare in case I run out of hand-stitching to do at night. That's what having two weeks away from the sewing machine does to me!

I hope you have a wonderful 2014.


maritza said...

Val Feliz 2014 para ti también!!!! un beso

bri68 said...

Happy new year to you
Hi from France

resedaetpatchwork.blogspot.fr said...

Bonjour Val,
Une bonne et douce nouvelle Année 2014 qu'elle soit chaleureuse et créative a souhait.
J'ai hâte de voir le nouveau bom!s'il n'est pas trop compliqué n'y trop grand j'y participerais
J'ai changé le nom de mon blog!
Douce journée
A trés bientôt
Marie Christine

Shari said...

Glad to see you back. Sew glad you had "relaxing" time off with your family.

kr said...

I can't wait! I'm looking forward to quilting along this year.

Evie H said...

I have started your "Apples of Gold" but, alas, have gotten side tracked for the time being. But, like you, now that the holiday rush is over and the guests are gone I can get back to doing the hand embroidery while watching TV. I love this project. Thank you, Val! Looking forward to your next one. Evie

sunny said...

It sounds like you're sailing into 2014 quite nicely. Glad you had a nice Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Ingrid said...

Qué bello camino de mesa! Como todos tus trabajos. Te felicito. Feliz 2014!

Rian said...

happy 2014 with Gods blessings for you and your family.
I am curious what your new pattern will be. I saw a sneak peek of a stitched butterfly, will there be some stitching to do also?
maybe I decide to make it.
Is it also a 'bible'-based one?

Liz said...

Your new BOM looks fantastic. Lovely to see you had an enjoyable family time, and ready to start the new year.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you in that I like peace. I do set goals, otherwise time slips away from me, but sometimes I completely ignore them, which I did this weekend. =) Your new BOM looks terrific. I'm very excited and will be posting the notice to quiltbom as soon as it's up!

Yolanda Lapeira said...

Happy New Year Val !!

I'm waiting for your new boom.

Thank you very much for sharing.

Kisses from Manresa (Barcelona)

Gina E. said...

Happy New Year Val! I like your idea of no new resolutions or goals, how relaxing! I'm afaid my natural instinct is to list everything I want to do, so I've been busy writing lists for this year which no doubt will change or be thrown out by mid year!
I've got the magazine with your table runner in and have ear marked it for a future project. It is so simple but effective. Just how I like them!

Rose Victorien said...

c'est absolument magnifique, je suis très tentée,
merci pour ce beau cadeau