May 18, 2014

Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt Pattern 5

The mini-quilt for this month's
free block has a very simple message: "Don't be jealous"! Isn't it easy to fall into the trap of wanting what everyone else has, or envying the carefree life of people without morals?  But it is just that - a trap - to be avoided at all costs!

I hope you enjoy stitching this little mini-quilt. You can download the pattern here.

As you may have picked up, my husband and I are avid birdwatchers. It's a bit of a misnomer really, as we don't sit and "watch" birds, but we love to spot them on our morning walk and whenever we go bush. I guess that's a good reason why I include birds in many of my designs. In the latest issue of "Handmade" magazine, Vol 32 No 7, you can find my Red Robin peg bag. 

 I have to admit I really love this design with its cuteness overload!

Now the birds depicted here don't really look much like a robin, but "red" and "robin" just go together. This is what one of our Australian robins really looks like:

Keeping up with the bird theme, here is one of the keyrings I made for the charity box:

I have been sewing for three charity events since February and yesterday I priced and packaged $265 worth of goods for the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea to be held this week. I'm hoping lots will sell as it is such a worthwhile cause.  Besides keyrings, there are bags, a cot quilt, oven mitts, cushion, bookmarks, mug rugs and wall-hangings.  I popped in this handtowel on which I have stitched one of my reject stitcheries. Those orphan blocks and bits and pieces of stitching come in handy! 

I am having a break from charity stitching for a little while now.  Besides half a dozen commissions that I need to think about, I have a dozen or so new patterns that are waiting to be put on the website. That job has been going to the bottom of the list for quite a while so it is time I brought it up to the top! Many of my overseas readers have commented they are unable to buy our Australian magazines, so this will be your opportunity to pick up the patterns. If you follow me on Craftsy, you will be notified when a new design is uploaded.

Now that I've put that in writing, it will keep me honest and make sure I actually process the new patterns!!!!

Happy stitching.


Primroses Attic said...

Val. Your makes are beautiful. I love the birds.

Melody said...

Wonderful designs

Tammy said...

Thank you Val for this latest installment.

Christine M said...

Your peg bag is lovely, Val. Those little birds are so sweet. I love the little key ring too.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely design, as usual! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Carol O

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BOM design. I love the clothes pin bag, too, and that bluebird keychain is so lovely. I hope everything sells and they make a lot of money. I look forward to seeing the fans pattern, so pretty on the towel.