Beauty - of people and things

I have been privileged to know many beautiful people throughout my life. Coral, fighting a terrible disease courageously, with dignity, and full of faith, is one of those. Coral is unable to do very little sewing now and so she has given me much of her beautiful fabric stash.

Some lovely oriental fabric was one of her gifts to me and I wanted to make something practical and beautiful from it. I came up with this bedrunner and cushion set:

It uses my original block design, "The Disappearing Square" and I love the opulent colours against the black and gold. I couldn't go past calling it "Coral's Gift".

The pattern is in the latest Patchwork & Stitching magazine Vol 15 No 8. I will be making the pattern available in a couple of weeks for any international readers who might wish to make this design.

Apart from beautiful people, there have been some beautiful things in my life this week. We live just a couple of houses from a pond which is full of delightful surprises whenever we visit it. A quick walk to the post box on Monday discovered our friend, the Rakali, there again on Monday. I didn't have my camera with me but I've included a photo I took of him last year. They are fascinating Australian native creatures and we were delighted to see him. You can read some information about Rakali on my clever grandson's blog, Ten Random Facts.

Sunrise yesterday, was another beautiful sight. God had his paintbrush out again:

I don't know whether you can call a cake 'beautiful', but it sure tastes Yum! I don't know that I've ever shared a recipe with my readers - that's probably because cooking is right down the list of my priorities! I do it because I have to, not because I love it. I would much rather be in my sewing room!!!

Being senior citizens, my husband and I need to watch our health and that's another reason I don't bake lots of cakes and wonderful desserts! However this fruit cake is on the healthier side, if there is really such a thing as a healthy cake. It boasts being Cholesterol free, having no fat or added sugar. The bonus is that it always turns out brilliantly, is lovely and moist and is super quick and easy to make. A beautiful friend shared the recipe with me, so I'd like to pass it on to you.

You can find the recipe here - I hope you enjoy it!



KaHolly said...

Coral's Gift is just stunning, Val! Your sweet friend must be pleased to see how you honored her and what you've accomplished with her gift of fabric. I will keep her in my heart. Cooking isn't even ON my list. Recipe looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Hatherall said...

Loved the recipe for the cake but living in the U.K. I have never seen or heard of apricot nectar. Is there an alternative that can be used. Barbara Hatherall

Val Laird said...

Hi Barbara
Sorry I don't have your email address to reply personally. Apricot nectar is sold in cans in the Juice aisle in our supermarkets. I would think that orange juice or apple juice would work equally as well. Regards, Val

Susan In Texas said...

Coral's Gift is gorgeous! I love the deep, rich tones. The set is fantastic!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Anonymous said...

Val, thank you so much for the recipe. It's about my level of energy these days, and looks delish. I love what you did with Coral's fabric gift - so pretty! You take such wonderful photos of everything. That sunrise made me homesick for my desert sunsets.

gracie said...

Wonderful bed runner and love the pictures...

Barb said...

Thanks for that recipe Val!! I will definately try it out. Looks YUM!!!
Lovely work on the bed runner and cushion too. They look stunning!
Barb :)