August 3, 2014

Everything has to be done NOW!

I confess to being the type of personality where everything has to be done NOW! If there's a job to be done, tackle it head-on and get it finished and out of the way. Now maybe it doesn't apply to housework ... but I'm the type who likes a clean slate. I don't like a big long "To Do" list looking at me for weeks.

Last week, I decided I would have an overhaul of my patterns - remove some old ones, rearranging and organising them all in one place in my Craftsy shop. I opened the diary and carefully divided the work into manageable sections over the next week or two - Wall-hangings on Monday, Quilts on Tuesday, Bags on Wednesday etc.

I could blame the weather - it was too cold and windy yesterday to go and work in the garden - but realistically there was a job hanging over my head and it needed to be done NOW!  So, the diary entries were totally ignored, and I went head-on into it.  Of course, once I started, I wanted to finish ... so the job is all done!

I decided to reduce the price of quite a few of my patterns - like the Busy Bees Pincushion now just $3:

While I was at it, I thought it was time to add a few of my latest designs. Picnic in the Park is now available:

 It includes a cutlery wrap:

I hope you enjoy browsing my reorganised pages. You can see the different categories listed at the top of my sidebar. I plan to add another half dozen patterns over the next couple of weeks. (That job can take up my empty diary spots!)

In between patchwork, stitching and quilting, I like to do some silk ribbon embroidery and my latest design is in Embroidery & Cross Stitch magazine Vol 22 No 1:

A sweet felt bag:

The butterfly could be appliqued on just about anything:

 Kacoonda silk ribbons are such a joy to work with.

 Are you a procrastinator or do you try to finish the job before you start, like me?

Happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm a list maker. I have a base year list and then each month a more involved list is written out. And yes, I feel the same - that list HAS to be done. And I laughed - I have a cleaning list too which doesn't get worked the same way.

Rose said...

Ho là là!!! je craque pour votre ravissant cottage !!!!
que de bien jolies choses
belle journée

Createology said...

Oh Dear...I am a nothing! No lists and certainly nothing has to be done "NOW!". That must be why I get so little accomplished in the creative department. I haven't stitched any of your precious pieces that I truly adore. I have selected the mantra, "If not NOW, when?" Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and I really do love them all. Creative Bliss...

Tammy said...

I'm a get it done now type person. I hate to have anything hanging over my head waiting...

Grit said...

Wow, your little wall hanging home looks so lovely.

sewyouquilt2 said...

I am a list maker and frequently the priority on the list changes before it is finished. like Sharon at Vroomans quilts my cleaning list sometimes takes a backseat. LOL