November 30, 2014

Free pattern for Christmas Number 2

Thank you for finding my blog post. Unfortunately, this page is something I wrote many years ago, and circumstances have changed, so I now charge a small amount for my patterns.

However, there are still a couple of free Christmas patterns available. Check them out on the Freebies page

You can see Christmas patterns here:

My other patterns can be accessed from the Pattern page:

Today I have for you the second of my 
free patterns for Christmas
It is a mug wrap, very easy and quick to make and ideal for keeping your beverage warm over Christmas. The Christmas Mug Hug:

I hope you like it and enjoy making it. You can download the pattern here.

While you are over in my store, you might like to look at two other Christmas patterns I have put there.  The original version of Candle, Candle, Burning bright cushion is made from Silk Dupion, but of course you could easily use your favourite cotton fabric:

And here is something that would make a delightful gift - a 3½ inch box with some silk ribbon embroidery inset - Yuletide Poinsettia:

This blog post seems to be following the Embroidery theme, so I will show you another of my silk ribbon designs which has just been published - the Bee Hive:

It's a needlecase for packets of needles.

Can't get away from roses:

Delphiniums, super easy made from French Knots:

I just love the colour of this hand-dyed Kacoonda ribbon:

and Primula Candelabra:

You can find the pattern in Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine Vol 22 Issue 5:

I've been busy all week but don't seem to have accomplished much! I did manage to design my first quilt with my new EQ software. I can see that using this programme is going to be lots of fun! More than that, it is so good to be able to see what the quilt is going to look like BEFORE I start cutting and sewing. 

In the past, it was a case of "design as you go", auditioning fabrics, blocks, borders and binding on the run, until the right one was found. It is so much simpler to change the colours with the click of a mouse! I hope to make a start on the quilt this week - after I design and make your next free Christmas pattern!

Happy stitching!


Nanna Chel said...

Thanks so much for that pattern, Val. It is much appreciated.

Kate said...

Val, thanks so much for your Christmas Mug Hug ... love the name you gave it! ^^

Tammy said...

Val thank you for the Christmas mug wrap...Very pretty

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this second free pattern. It's perfect for something my group is doing for next year, so I will share your post link with them. I was all set to buy the needlecase pattern for the same group, but darn, it's in a magazine! LOL I'll have to look at your other Craftsy designs to see what might work instead.

Gina E. said...

Thank you very much for your freebie patterns, Val. I just love working with felt, and I've saved the mug wrap one to do sometime in the next few weeks!