Free Pattern for Christmas No 3

Here is my next
free pattern for Christmas.

It's a little Christmas door hanger. Again I have designed something that is really quick and simple to put together:

It has a little bit of quirkiness! You can turn it over and let others know that it is NOT appropriate to enter the room right now, as you are wrapping presents! 

You can download it here.

In other Christmas news, Handmade Magazine Vol 33 No 3 has my simple design for a bag for your Christmas ham:

Do you know the tip for keeping your Ham fresh and long-lasting?
Soak the bag in a solution of 1 litre of water with 2 tablespoons white vinegar. Squeeze out the excess liquid before placing your ham inside. Repeat every two or three days.

I've bought my Christmas ham and every day I have to resist the temptation to start carving into it!

Christmas means that the year is nearly over. Have you seen the beautiful Homespun Diary for 2015? Like all their products, it is a beautiful piece of art and practicality. It has lots of designers' tips and tricks in it, including a couple of mine!

I noticed that Create in Stitch have a fabulous half price bargain at the moment. You can purchase the Calendar plus the Diary for just the price of one of them:

The end of the year means I should remind you to make sure you download all the free 2015 Block of the Month patterns.
will be available for just a couple more weeks, so head over to my free pattern page before the offer closes.

The lovely Eveline in the UK has already finished hers. Don't you just love the colours and fabrics she has chosen?

A beautiful job, Eveline.

I was starting to get into gear for Christmas - made my Christmas pudding, sent out our Christmas letter and sorted out what presents I still have to buy! I've put a few decorations up but I really should think about decorating the tree. Problem is, I cut out a new quilt yesterday, so you can imagine I'm a bit in denial about Christmas now - all that lovely fabric is calling, maybe even shouting to me!

I will have to pull myself away from it long enough to prepare the fourth and final free Christmas pattern for you!

Happy stitching


Baa. xxx said...

Thank you for the lovely free patterns over the last few days.

Rose Victorien said...

Bonjour Val,
merci pour cette nouvelle free, vous nous gâtez,
Bravo a Evelyne pour sa belle couette.
bien joli rangement pour le jambon et idée
bon dimanche de l'avent

Patricia said...

Thank you, love the door hanger, especially the Wrapping happening, cute

W. Latane Barton said...

Love the little door hanger. How cute!

Rose Victorien said...

juste un coucou pour te souhaiter une bon weekend