Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Pattern 5

The weeks have rolled around again and it's time to give you Block 5 in the free Keys to Contentment wall quilt

Very simple and clear instructions from Scripture this month:
Keep your conscience clear.  

There's certainly no contentment if you have a bad conscience!

Once again, there's a little silver key sewn onto the block to remind us of another step on the path to contentment.

You can download the pattern here in my Craftsy store.

This last week a dear friend of mine came to visit, bringing with her a large bag of goodies. She has just moved house and decided to have a big clean up of all her craft gear.

Can you imagine the fun I had going through all the lovely things inside that bag? 

There were so many stranded threads that it took me nearly all day to sort them and wind them onto bobbins:

I know what I will be taking with me when next I go on holidays, or when I run out of hand-stitching projects at night:

It's years since I worked a traced embroidery project and I am so looking forward to working this beautiful tablecloth.  

When I wasn't revelling in all my lovely gifts, or preparing Block 5 for you, I managed to get another Christmas project completed. I have three more festive commissions so I won't know what season I am in by the time I am finished!

My clever husband reached the pinnacle of his career this week with the publication of his chapter in one of the prestigious Oxford University Press Handbooks.

It includes "Contributions from thirty of the foremost scholars in the field" ... and he's one of them! So very proud of him!  



Evie H said...

Thanks for the newest design and congratulations to your dear husband!


Nanna Chel said...

Congratulations to your hubby, Val. You must be so proud of him. I will put your new block in the sidebar on my blog as I know some ladies who really love your work.

Christine M said...

Have fun with your new goodies, Val. Congratulations to your husband.

gracie said...

What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to your hubby.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your husband - that's quite an honor. I can see you had fun with all the things your friend brought by! I really love this saying for the month's stitchery. That is the thing my mother told me so often, and I didn't always do it, to my regret!