May 24, 2015

Quick Stitching takes over!

A very dear friend, whose husband is suffering from cancer, is again hosting an Australian Biggest Morning Tea which is one of Cancer Council Australia's major fundraising events. It is on next Thursday.

 With all the commissions I've been working on, the date has snuck up on me and I realised I hadn't made anything for them to sell as I usually do!

There's no time for any slow stitching, so quick stitching had to take over.

are so generous with patterns like the heart potholder

and the triangular pouch.

 Tissue covers that can be whipped up in super-quick time are another of my 'go to' fete ideas when I'm in a hurry. Thanks to Fiona for the free pattern:


Hopefully, people will buy up big!

Before I realised the BMTea was so close, I was slowly preparing a Christmas project and a bag to send off to a magazine. We had another lovely couple of slow days when some friends came to stay. We went to a fantastic orchestral concert together and it was so good to just allow the music to flow over one's soul. We have another slow day tomorrow when some more friends are coming to visit.  

The lesson learned is that stitching for the BMTea will have to go in my diary early next year so that I have time to make some slow stitching projects! I've already put it in my "Notes for 2016"!


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Nanna Chel said...

Lovely work, Val and you make everything so quickly. I love Lisa and Sarah's pretty and creative. By the way, we had a really great workshop yesterday :-)